Productive Captcha Discussion

I want to have a healthy discussion about this. I see the west is testing out first, which is a smart move. Give credit where credit is due.

Now, I do have some ideas from reading the less than happy gamers yelling like the loud minority they are, so I want to start a thread with some actual ideas for the devs to read and listen to.

1: make those with high roster levels get them less often.
–devils advocate, they also want to catch scripters who infinite chaos
—devils advocate to that is that you stated in the original announcement that it wont pop up while entering dungeons, so this is a weird one.

2: you want to catch bots, but you also are again hurting the new player experience. bots will be flooding lower levels, so if you do implement this could you think about maybe returning some of the loot that was taken from rapport and other instances? buff raid gold where bots dont infest? they arent doing those gear required to survive raids. and punish those who bus and carry them. weve all seen the lobbies i wonder why they disappear…

3: captcha are just known to be worked around within a day or two… lets be honest. will you be continuously updating the captcha images every 2 days or so? otherwise bots will have them image scanned and you may catch a few hundred, but them they have the next 5 hundred updated and running safely. I want to say this so if we have no choice, it may as well be effective… silver lining


4: remembered one more. give a prompt on screen asking “You there?” after sailing before you get a captcha for those who like me, walk away after clicking my map point and going to the bathroom, get snacks and what have you. so you dont get punished if you are gone too long.

Please, helpful advice only. lets approach this like adults. even if you arent one, no need to be destructive when you can take a breath and be constructive and helpful with the game.


I agree, they should remove the captcha on high roster accounts or make it less common to appear

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i agree but they do want to catch the ones who use bots to run their accounts. its not uncommon for those in higher ilvl to get some, “assistance”. look at the high guild members who got the rmt bans.

That is also true, honestly it’s super hard for them to be able to stop the bots + the high level accounts to do botting on chaos dungeon for example :x

its not just this game either. many games use auto taps and auto farming programs. look for names that dont make sense, hit them harder is an option. idk how they arent getting auto flagged


I don’t think we have full information to have a productive discussion yet. They didn’t said when these would pop up and how.

A basic captcha is always random and not even common AI scanners can solve it because of technicalities that goes beyond the scope of this forum.

Eventually they will always come up with a solution, but computers are terribly bad at imitating trivial manual human tasks, so maybe that’s the clue…

Captchas can solve or bypass by bots for years. No idea why everyone is screaming for captchas. They will not bring anything

I’ve played regularly since launch and haven’t seen a captcha. Does it even exist?

they just added them to NA West to test effectiveness. and they did once before then took them away very quickly after banning AFKers

I don’t think it makes sense to complain about a feature we 1). don’t fully understand 2). have first hand experience with

These suggestions (or a variant of them) could already be part of the implementation. There’s no way to know until we’ve had the misfortune of experiencing it. Only then would it make sense to grab our pitchforks and riot.

nobody is rioting (here). and i want to give them feedback sooner so they may think about it while its still fresh rather than wait. prevention not reaction. thats how it should be. so why not give good, healthy advice and feedback? i agree its early, but that doesnt make the comment any less valid.

I can confirm no special treatment for high roster level. I got this immediately after logging on and intentionally failed it by letting timer expire to see what happens. Next time I’ll see what happens when pressing refresh button or repeatedly answering it incorrectly.

I might be preparing my pitchfork soon because I’m a heavy multitasker and like to alt tab during loading screens to check stuff. They should consider delaying the popup after a loading screen to only trigger when an actual attempt to do something is detected (movement, opening inventory, etc).

Although, perhaps this was intentional decision to combat those stacks of bots that move around in sync (multiboxers?) in which case it may be understandable but it will definitely have a higher false positive rate/more likely to impact legitimate players.


capcha working as intended it seems


I think you have to fail it repeatedly before your connection is blocked. I failed it once and haven’t had any side effects yet (or another captcha). The bots will start running into issues after a few hours or days of repeatedly failing the captcha probably.

took me and a few others less than an hour to get banned.

In response to “they should consider delaying the popup after a loading screen to only trigger when an actual attempt to do something is detected”.

My next captcha was when exiting dock and sailing. The captcha seemed delayed as it only appeared after like 2 seconds of sailing. Perhaps they do indeed check for interaction before triggering it. They let you click the captcha refresh every 10 seconds.

How is this captcha thing appears? If I AFK for 5mins or longer, will it appear duing my AFK duration? Or captcha appears only after a loading screen?

so far I’ve only seen it after a loading screen

Like right after a loading screen? or there’s a bit delay?

Duuude pls make it that highroster lvl or paying customers dont get capchat that looks so fkin anoying and bots will get around it in 1week X_X