Profanity filter constantly fighting players ⁉

I am absolutely in love with Lost Ark, I couldn’t be happier with the western release so far.

With that said I do have to say that the profanity filter might be the most frustrating, self-evidently poorly implemented, and clunky system I have encountered so far at ilvl 1335 with 450 hours played.

Here are just a few examples of me trying to name a card pack, or even just type a simple ilvl range in chat.

I know every person reading this post will know exactly what I’m talking about, as it seems hard to avoid if you’re typing normally in chat across as little time as an hour or two.

I don’t need to know why it’s happening, I’m sure something related to the localization of the game is at fault here; it’s obvious this system is unnecessarily obstructive, and has been poorly implemented.

Can we please get an ETA until this is addressed?

I still don’t know what to name my card preset…

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