Progress Event for Scouter LETS GOO

" Looking Ahead

For those eager to create a Machinist, we’re looking into some special progression events to help players level up and face the Demon Legion Commanders and other Tier 3 end-game threats. We’ll have more specifics leading up to the launch of the September Update in next week’s release notes!
We look forward to seeing new Machinists across the battlefields of Arkesia on September 28. In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia celebrating Arktoberfest."

At the end of the Page

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Damn, so at least a chest with honing books lmao


I mean its all good but i wanna see Kakul Saydon release in 7 days

Give me a character slot then I consider playing.

maybe the story express event

gimme an ark pass please!

Commendable try, but I will never build an alt in this game without a free powerpass.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, yea, never gonna happen.

I think it was mentioned somewhere else that the ark pass is kicking off again in September. Probably aling side the scouter release.

I saw someone pin roxx and she stated that as far as she knew, September was the next planned one. So maybe.

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they are “looking into some special progression events”.

That could just be a vendor and also still not determined.

Also bit odd after all this talk of “no events for machinists”.

We will just have to see what this actually means.

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eyyyy that sounds great!

Even if they gave us express + powerpass and you were the biggest whale in LOA, you would still be just lv 50 (transformation abilities get damage increase at lv 55 and 60) and you would have no relic set (huge DPS loss). Also getting 5x3 or 4x3+1 would be very hard on the first week because there won’t be many class accessories.

So unless you have a static that is fine with being griefed or you are planning to get bussed by KR / RU vets, planning to do clown as scouter on first week is just trolling.

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i dont give a … about Scouter
I want Kakul announcment

bro, everything comes at the 28. Sep even Kakul

How are u so sure about that

Its on the roadmap… september update part 2.
Legion raid, new class, etc.

u believe that ?

Well… in what should I believe?