Progress ruined by server merge *Solved*

So I had 3 characters on EU Central and took a break. I came back now to see that my server was merged into Lazenith and that character creation was disabled. The only reason why I wanted to return is to create a Sorcerer, which I can’t. I also can’t take out my characters from the Universal Storage on a different server (only on Lazenith).

So at the moment I have 2 options available:
1)Take out my 3 characters on Lazenith and only play them, as I can’t create any other character
2)Create a new Sorcerer on a different server and accept that I lost all my progress

I contacted Amazon via live chat and they said there’s “nothing” that can be done. Now it’s pretty common for the people responsible for User Experience in companies to be some of the most incompetent employees on Earth, but Amazon really takes the cake with this one.

I think I’ll instead take the 3rd option of never touching a game created or published by Amazon ever again.

Are you sure you cannot make a new character?

This is from the server merge FAQ , doesnt say somewhere that you cant make new characters after the merge.


  • Characters and Character Slots
    • All characters will be sent to Universal Character Storage. Upon entering the character selection screen, a pop-up guide to the Universal Character Storage will be displayed. Universal Character Storage can permanently store characters, and you will be able to move your characters in and out of this storage space freely.
    • Character slots will reset to the default 6. Additional character slots that have been purchased will be returned to the player as Character Slot Extension Tickets.
  • Main Character
    • Content displaying main characters (Stronghold, Proving Grounds, etc.) will be adjusted to show the character with the highest Item Level across both merged servers. Once a player manually selects a main character, the screen will be adjusted to follow this designation.
  • Character Designation from Universal Character Storage for Gold Acquisition
    • When a character from Universal Character Storage is moved to the Roster and designated for an activity that includes Gold acquisition, this character will become “bound” for use once this activity is complete and the Gold has been acquired.
      • After the weekly reset, this character will become unbound and can be moved back to Universal Character Storage
      • Before the weekly reset, the character remains bound and cannot be moved back to Universal Character Storage
    • If the character was designated for Gold acquisition but didn’t complete any gold acquiring activities, it will be unbound from the roster and can be moved back to Universal Character Storage prior to the weekly reset.
  • Existing Name Change Tickets, Reskin Tickets, and Character Slot Extension Tickets will not be changed, as they already function across a player’s entire account.
  • Unused Powerpasses will be summed.
    • Please remember to use your Event Punika Powerpass prior to the beginning of the server merges on September 28, as it will expire after this update is complete.

Source: Server Merge Details - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

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1)Take out my 3 characters on Lazenith and only play them, as I can’t create any other character
2)Create a new Sorcerer on a different server and accept that I lost all my progress

OMG. Just take them out and then you can create 3 more chars.

I mean seriously. You contact support who nearly never do anything…you create this thread…

Instead of reading the screens you are presented. image

I don’t know what happens if you empty the universtal char storage, it might go away then. I have 12 chars so I keep rotating them.

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I did try to take out 2 of my characters out and the character slots were still locked/disabled. I was afraid to take out my 3rd character, as I was afraid that the Universal Storage would just disappear and nothing positive would happen.

Thank you for your messages, though, as once I took out my 3rd character and the Universal Storage disappeared, the character slots have been unlocked :man_facepalming:

I guess I trusted the customer support more than I should have, combined with the fact that the system in not intuitive at all.

In any case, this was solved, so thank you again for your replies!

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no worries, enjoy your Sorc!

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