Progression Blocked

I’d like to provide feedback regarding Tier 1 progression as it is right now.

From what I’ve seen, it comes down one of two possible outcomes:

  • You get very or moderately lucky and reach 600 gear score and continue progressing to Tier 2.
  • You get abused by the RNG of the upgrading and get stuck below 600 gear score and as this continues, you eventually exhaust all possible sources of upgrading materials besides dailies and weeklies.

I like many others fall into the latter category, and are effectively stuck in Tier 1, having done most if not all viable content for acquiring Tier 1 upgrade materials.

I feel like this needs to be rectified immediately. Arguably, rectification here needs to include both adjustments to the honing upgrade process/chances but also needs to add sources for the upgrade materials that can be farmed without a daily or weekly time gate.

There is no reason we should be stuck in Tier 1 with nothing else to do in the game other than our dailies and weeklies. It’s not fun, and this is usually how (and I can only talk for myself here) I stop playing an MMO. If all it’s end game has to offer me is daily and weekly tasks, I’m out.

(Read this link before you attempt to tell me what I can do to get more materials. I’ve done it already).
A more in depth explanation of where I am at with this:

Some references on people in similar situations:

TL:DR: I just want to play the game (fight monsters) and be rewarded for doing so (progression). The RNG Upgrading system + Limited upgrading materials won’t allow me to do this.


Can verify I’m in the same situation. I fail over and over again even with stars breath.


I totally forgot about those lol. I’ve been using 10 of them per weapon upgrade for the past two days and haven’t succeeded once.

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Led here from another post. Honestly sounds like you should take a break from the game and relax. It’s not a race.


Imagine coming onto the forums to complain about bad RNG.

Don’t have mats? Mari’s store is always right there big guy.

I understand your complaint, since i was in the same situation for a bunch of days as well. However i come from BDO where the RNG situation is even worse so i was already used to it. (Just imagine everytime you fail a hone your gear has a chance to go down one honing level or break entirely lmao). It sadly is just an issue of bad RNG and nothing devs will change, because if they make the chances to high you just rush through the game. You have <=50% chance until +14. The only upgrade thats “expected” to fail is the +15 upgrade which gets you to T2 essentially. I think this is mathematically a fair solution, because i already heard that in T3 the chances get as low as 3%. Ofc since its still just a chance there are situations like yours, and since you already cleared pretty much all T1 content you are sadly stuck, but you will hit it eventually.

Thanks for the informed suggestion. I've failed 15 HONES IN A ROW TODAY are you kidding me - #28 by Hummy

Yeah I quit BDO quite early on for that very reason, just comes down to wanting to progress but being gated. Really do not enjoy these systems.

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To start, as a kind warning, if you’re already malding over the end of T1 progression and the T2 not being given to you that easily you’re in for a ride once you hit the end of T2 honing, and we’re not even gonna talk of the progression in T3.
Might as well just quit the game now if you hate this kind of progression cause you’re gonna hit even bigger walls in T2/T3. As annoying as it sounds, if it wasn’t here everyone would be sitting in T3 content already and there would be no actual point of playing the game for tier progress. (Note that there’s a lot more to do in this game than simply progressing your items…)
It’s not in their interest to just give tons of mats for people to rush through content at the speed of light. Even if you have the knowledge and set up alts and stuff you’ll end up having to grind a bit for it. This is normal mmo progression.
Still completely respect the fact you do not like it tho, this kind of progression based heavily on rng success will not appeal to everyone and that’s normal.

Don’t think you mentionned it in your other post and I assume you use them already but worth a shot : You might wanna start looking for star breath (You get a lot of them in special bosses in chaos bit of a rng tho but it’s not that rare and there’s quite some other way to get them too) otherwise invest into secret maps as they also give mats and whatever you’d need to breach through the wall to reach 600 ilvl.
Failing less by investing Star Breath into honing will save you up materials on the long run.

I’ve been helping many friends by teaching them how to farm and what to farm as they all hit the small wall that you can get by the end of T1 and the vast majority of them currently reached 600 without a lot of effort (By that I mean not farming for a whole week being stuck and using all possible ressources available to go from around +10 to +15 as this is where things starts to slow down).
I myself failed a lot in high honing T1 and still managed to get through it by farming some daily content for 2 or 3 days which isn’t a lot of effort in the end compared to later tier honing.

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The thing is you need RNG in an MMO. If its upgrade RNG people are complaining, and if its drop RNG people are complaining as well. People who get unlucky will always complain because it sucks, but its a core mechanic of MMOs.

This is it, T1 if you’re failing to get to T2 bc of mats, you most likely aren’t doing everything farm wise. Just to name a few:

  • Pirate coins for mats
  • Guild stones for mats
  • Running more than daily chaos to grind the exchange mats
  • Dismantling gear including the one you get from the weekly chaos mats
  • Chaos Gate treasure maps
  • Crafting treasure maps
  • Abyssal Dungeons give % chance books and mats
  • Guardians
  • Islands
  • MSQ and Sidequests that give mats
  • Alts
  • Tower
  • Cube (you can buy tickets in guild exchange, gives stars)
  • Merchants
  • Mari’s shop
  • Market if everything else fails

I’ve never ever got out of mats, and I have 6 characters in t2. T2 to T3 and T3 itself is another story. We guys that went to t2 also failed, we didn’t “get lucky”, most of us just knew how to farm better. You failed 15 times (which is impossible on a single gear btw)? I failed way more than 15 times in T1 in every gear, and I still have so many bound mats it’s crazy. (47 stars, 4700 Guardian Stone fragments, 2771 Destruction).


You’ve done all events on the top side of your screen? Cleared all the maps the gates gives, received all stars breaths events gives + included in the maps? Have done 2 alts to gather T1 mats to funnel to your main? If yes, then it’s quite sad, but that’s RNG, game doesn’t open up at T3, there’s so much to do at T2. And in T1 since you can create alt and farm gold to buy in Mari’s shop if you’re really having an issue (only leapstones).

I’ll save you time OP. Just quit now if you can’t handle T1.

T2 is 100000000000x worse. I want to help you from getting to T2 then whining some more on the forums.

Just wait until you get trough t2 and get stuck by not getting your t3 base set to drop, only having 2 chaos dungeon runs per day to attempt. Can’t buy it like you could at t2. Content giving t2 mats already useless to do since you’re at t2 +15 set already, t3 content completely locked behind 1302 ilvl and you stuck between 1.1k-1270 because not getting 1 piece of your 6 item set to drop for days. Really enjoyable experience and seems to be benefitting everybody. And everything pretty much instantly after getting past that 1100 ilvl bottleneck by failing 60 upgrades, catching up your main and repeating the same boring storyline spamming G with 2 of your alts while waiting your 2 daily chaos dungeons to reset every day.

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The game is built around these dailies and weeklies being important and viable for gathering materials. Chaos dungeons, guardian raids, abyssal dungeons, Una’s tasks, guild tasks and the such. Not to mention the purchasing of more mats via bloodstones, perception shards and pirate coins. Alts also give a TON of mats that you can hand over by doing less than 20 minutes of content on them. Tower is a good giver of resources (after you’ve completed it on a character once, which is often recommended to do an alt.) Daily isalnds, world bosses, ghost ships, all of these things are CORE parts of the gameplay experience and if you do not like them, then you won’t enjoy the game in longevity, plain and simple.

EDIT: I also read your post about failing on repeat, thats a normal thing in the game. IF you have done everything, make an alt or play something else until weekly reset if alts aren’t your thing. This game is and was built around the RNG mechanics… T1 and T2 on original release took literal years because they were the base of in-game content, and we’re living it in a MUCH faster pace. You’ll get there, it just takes a little time if you have some unlucky fails. My buddy failed almost every piece multiple times at 90+%, and had it even worse the lower it got… but he enjoys the loop, so he did make it to t2, you just gotta hang in there.

it says 70% succes rate but it is actually 10%. I feel so demotivated when after 3 days of litterally playing from 6 to 12 i am still at same itemlevel. I have to upgrade 1 piece of gear all the way till my artisan energy gets to 100%. It is the single reason i will quit the game. i dont mind botting or gold sellers but Facetting that fails 5 times on 75% is a scam. Gear that fails to upgrade 5 times in a row on 70% is a scam to mee.

Statistically speaking, its not actually unreasonable thing to experience. Its not necessarily a common occurrence, but definitely not anywhere near impossible. And again, as I said previously the game is BUILT around it. If we had played t1 on release, we’d be sitting at sub 10% chances to succeed on every piece of gear, just as we will be when we hit t3.

Tier 1 is a decent spot to get stuck. Do you have an alt funneling mats? You can swap pirate coins for tradeable mats on all your toons aside from harmony shards. You have 2 free alts that could be easy funneling gear with your 2 free 50’s. If you get stuck in T2 without mats you’d need to push toons to t2 for them to help farm. I highly suggest getting your alts going to feed your main and possibly have excess mats worth selling.

this in every way, just went on an unwarranted in-game rant about being stuck because I couldn’t get the blue t3 weapon to drop for the past few days… this has by far been the biggest blip experience. I understand RNG and luck based, but my god it hurts to not be able to take part in the weekly event token exchange for t3… even though I’m in … T3… the first 2 tiers at least had alternative ways for tiering up. Being locked being 2 chaos runs a day is dumb.