Props to AGS and Smilegate RPG

Indeed I did, did you read the entire post?
It was explained in the last part.

I can only talk from EU perspective… but the missmanagement of AGS is insane. And saying people should just change server isn’t the solution. I think the biggest problem are 2 things:

  • amazon, which don’t seem to hire anyone experienced outside of marketing or microtransactions. everything about operations is a joke. don’t forget that the whole system is matured for years, and AGS is only operating it. they didn’t have a clue about how you do name systems, they didn’t have a clue about server capacity, no clue about their own infrastructure (not scalable, which even led to a new but “redundant” region, which is not what a region is lol), not enough servers for planning, but reactivly throwing out servers like candy which solved what? (and people seem to underestimate the importance of enough servers to spread from the very(!) beginning)

  • a lot of casuals and f2p kids that follow the hype, but don’t care much about anything. everything stated above is ignored by most of the community “since its only a game” which is the most stupid argument ever. people saying “its only a game” trying to imply that whatever your problem is, it’s worth less. its ignoring the people itself and their emotions etc… problems are subjective, but people seem to just not care if others have problems. this pretty much shows that its no community. its a trollfactory (you can see on the comments which only laugh about the problems or downtalk people, but NEVER adding anything relevant to the topic or aknowledging the problem or the situation the other is in). most will just leave to the next game. welcome to the locust gamer.

this mix pretty much can exist because this game (and hype) is so big, it can literally sh!t on many things at this moment since most people don’t even know better or simply give a sh!t. and yeah, even if people talk about how bad wow was, they forget THIS is way worse seen from the point that AGS is only the operator, while wow had 500k players in beta, when they thought about havin about 100k players at release(!) etc…and they MANAGED it. while with LAO… everything was done and tested LONG LONG ago…

AGS is a joke. And in 20 yrs of online gaming I haven’t seen a company that big (this is no indie, some mmos were even developed AND operated by students etc) being so incompetent and delivering such a s*itshow for now a whole week long…which was even called out before it even started by MANY.

From product perspective, the product is pretty nice, but the one selling it is a greedy and sleazy company, which does not in the slightest care about player or customer experience (just run that shit and take the money). Now they try some damage control with throwing out some candy ingame gimicks which are pretty worthless in the whole context. If they had put the same energy into a healthy environment (like servers and regions) as they did in their aggressive marketing campaigns, I am sure we wouldn’t have the queues and no one would want to talk about server transfers since no one would care.

And if you want an easy solution: use regions for what they are. especially for EU f.ex. do regions based on the languages you have, so there is no hate in the chat because “languages” etc… instead of making some sh*t like europe and europe west AFTER everyone created their char…didn’t they learn from the server problem lol, its the same but in macro.


Are you talking about the OP? because I don’t know what you are referring to.

Look at the last part.

hexabase has been white knighting the dev team on every thread i’ve seen with nothing to offer other than “suck it up butter cup” if you’ve invested hours into the game. Likely because he hasn’t and if he has then he should really value his time more. This isn’t acceptable under any circumstance when the solution is POSSIBLE but they aren’t willing to invest the money, try again.

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I at least I see where you are trying to come from now. You are quoting your own post as a source of authority that SG and not Amazon will have to make the change.

I will repeat my first question. Can you show me where AGS has said this?

The OP was asking Roxx a question. What you decided to answer is irrelevant.

  1. Are you planning to implement Server Transfer at all in this game? To be honest, I cannot afford to start over on EU West with 123 hours invested already. Most of us will be in this situation I assume, since the game is out for 8 days (yes, I am counting founders, because there were queues already during headstart) and we invested a lot of time and perhaps money in our characters. I know that ST is not implemented anywhere in Lost Ark, but since AGS has experience implementing it in New World (quite quickly), could you guys assisst Smilegate RPG to get that? If we get ST, I’d most likely transfer, because I dont mind playing elsewhere, having 0 queues would be AMAZING!

They may do server transfers one day, but that will be within a region. They have said they will not implement a region transfer which is not surprising.

I too am getting kinda sick of people bitching about losing time invested in a game that’s a week old and half the time you are stuck in queues. Steam says i’ve played 100h i’ve probably actually played about 25h in game! If the new region was open tomorrow i could catch up by the end of sunday with no queues.

If they don’t want to move fine, they can stay and hope for the best. Good luck to them.

That I can do easily.

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Wow, you are just as bored as I am. This is the actual answer to the OP’s question.

We will try to work with Smilegate RPG to see if this is something that can be implement.

The last link you posted. You are arguing semantics instead of actually listening to what the OP was asking.

You sure? So much stuff is roster bound. You’d insta-loose all your mounts, pets, achievements, roster level and so much more.

Are you asking me, or the OP, because that has already been gone over earlier in this thread and I didn’t create it. :slight_smile:

If you bought founder pack, mounts and other stuff, you already locked cash on a server. Then if you ALSO spend like 100 hours on first server doing really boring stuff (read achievements, if you want to know. There’s plenty), you might value your sanity too much.

Was an answer to your question. OP’s question has already been answered.

They are not giving the full pack.
Platinum founder pack gives 7k crystals, they are giving 1k (if you bought 6 char slots, you lost 3800 crystals after refund).

Also those who spent more money are probably in a bigger pit. Imagine if you bought an outfit for multiple classes or some storage expansions or something.

We are obviously coming at this from two different directions and I don’t think either of us will convince the other. Let’s just agree to disagree.

ye you loose time but time is money so you basically loose money by starting over and as the guy above stated loosing his 100h+ time in that 1 week is literally 1 month for a casual player

No, there are many people who are playing that haven’t spent money, but many other people have.

Not to hijack this, but the servers are back up :slight_smile: At least NA east.

Nice to see some positivity, though of course people will try to hijack every thread to add even more of the same complaints.

Not everything is perfect. EU is clearly much bigger than AGS and Smilegate for some reason imagined. But mistakes can be learned from.

The communication has been top notch so far. Seriously, much respect to Roxx, Seawolf and all the other mods. Some people in the community haven’t been exactly nice or polite to them… Even though they are not to blame for any of the server issues.

Really enjoying the game. And I play on EU! Beatrice to be precise. The server has been very good to me so far. The queues are okay and I haven’t experienced any other big issues.

Hardly white-knighting, as you’ve rifled through my previous posts you’ll also see that i can’t understand why a business that i work quite closely with (AWS), who are a sister company of AGS didn’t capacity plan what seems at all, and for situations like this - scalable cloud computing has been around for a while now with AWS of all businesses being one of the quadrant leaders.

I get people are annoyed - i am too as i’d love to get more into this game, and the value i place on my time is clearly different to others. People are so quick to become self absorbed into a game that the possible thought of doing ANYTHING else but play this game is unfathomable, and thus any time spent where they can’t, is unacceptable.

So what if i haven’t played >10hrs. You know why i haven’t? Because after 8-9 hours of working, i don’t want to rack up an arbitrary number of ‘played’ on Steam when a large portion of that would be sat in queues.

If i can’t get on the game in my own timescales, I’d rather spend that time interacting with my kids or wife, reading or otherwise doing something that doesn’t enrage me to the point of thinking that i’ve lost ‘time’ waiting to get into a game so i can min/max my character ASAP.

I can wait. I have other things i can do that means i don’t sit here wallowing in my own self-pity because i chose to sit in a queue and not just be patient whilst the issues are being resolved.

Anyone who thinks AGS/Smilegate aren’t aware of the issues is massively naive and adding more posts on the same topic isn’t going to magically create some solution the devs can implement.

I believe anyone who has had a moment in their life where they realise what value they can really attribute to their time will realise that getting all angsty about waiting to get into Lost Ark or the prospect of having to spend time replaying a few days of content is not something worthwhile.

But then again, todays society and culture is “I want it, and i want it now, and if can’t have it then it’s wasting MY time”, so :man_shrugging:

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