Propulsion : Advice

I play Deathblade and wondering what is " after using Mobile move" ? Is this any skills that a deathblade has that makes him move? I don’t want to sink in heaps of gold then not work.

It likely refers only to the actual Dodge button.

you mean spacebar?

Yes, the spacebar dodge.

It is pretty much the dodge and stand up action, yes space bar.

I don’t think it ever popped for skills like charge.

Idk deathblades but as Gunslinger there’s quite a few movement skills, including modifiable ones by level up.

I’d say it means any skills that allows ur character to move in any direction - dash forward, jump backward, skid left/right, roll in cursor direction.

I don’t think DODGE from spacebar counts

actually it works the exact opposite as you described it, no movement skills procc it, only spacebar does

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lol. You’re absolutely, 1000% incorrect about this.

It only works on space bar.

Source: GS player here that thought about propulsion. Adrenaline is the better engraving though.