Pros and cons of playing support

Hi guys, I’m a support bard main with 5 bards and 1 zerk. Much of what I say here will be bard centric as I have limited knowledge of paladin but it can still apply.

For anyone who is curious, my zerk is at 1340 and bards are at 1435/1370/1340/1340/1340.


  • You enjoy playing support
  • You spend no time to find a group as long as you have somewhat of a clue of how to build your character.
  • You spend less pots
  • People mostly appreciate you quite a bit since you save them pots.


  • Class engravings on legendary accessories meant dps classes made a TON more gold off accessories (since supports only have one meta build right now, the dps engraving is near worthless). I know this isn’t an issue in the future but it has put support mains behind.

  • Support mains cannot bus, if you enjoy playing dps less, you will put less effort into gearing it and hence it will not be at the point where you can bus. This means that you will be behind on gold unless you spend extra pheons and gold on dps stuff (presuming you don’t luck out).

  • Even if you do get everything sorted dps wise. You still deal 20-30% less damage according to KR so people will trust you less to bus.

  • Due to point 1, accessories cost WAY more, and whales will buy them, keeping their prices sky-high.

  • Running solo dungeons will always be more time-consuming and annoying than an equivalent dps, even if you spend the extra to get another whole build.

Overall, support mains have simply gotten less gold than our dps counterparts and things have taken longer to run through.

This does kinda feel bad and helps me to understand why many people don’t main support. So if you’re wondering why you feel like we don’t have enough supports, this is why. There are definitely pros for the people who really enjoy it despite the burdens such at myself.

So for fellow support mains, keep at it!


Agree with gear drops. Most classes have 2 viable builds while supports have 1. So half the drops is worthless hence support gear is expensive. Not helped by the fact that true courage drops double the amount of times of desperate salvation.


1- Open broker
2- check grudge price
3- check awakening price
4- shhhhhhhhhhh


Same here 5 bards and one sorc. You basically have to love the class from the bottom of your heart because just from playing it the game is harder for us and the reward we get is the same or even less as OP posted.

Keep the good work supp guys. Don’t let people blame you for doing bad your work and focus on these who appreciates your support.


Imo its not just that, supports cant really deviate from class, awakening, expert, (HA for bard idk about pally), whereas a dps could forego grudge or equivalent and make up for it with skill if they weren’t willing to pay the increased price, replacing it maybe with a slightly less meta engraving.

(And yes I know that’s a contentious topic in and of itself, don’t wanna get into that here though lol.)

I enjoy playing support and DPS alts ease my craving for big numbers and variety gaming.

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Pros: Any party will accept you even if you forget your helmet and sword at home

Cons: You will fall asleep but still survive somehow

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Honestly, same. Making zerk felt like a huge mental hurdle but its not too bad now (playing technique not mayhem.)

well with my bard im killing it as fast as DPS in chaos dungeons. Only red portal is issue, otherwise its easy and fast.

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I agree, chaos dungeons are not an issue but red portals are fucking annoying, not a huge thing but does irk me when it comes up :joy: .

1415 pala, 1385 shadow, 1370 DB, 1370 scrapper. Ive invested in my alts using pheons for good engravings and they all have level 4-5 gems. Its creates more enjoyment for me even if I delay progress on my main.

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Fair point, I think ill invest in my zerk more this week.

This is why my support is my second main. I also have support alts now and things are just so much easier.