Prospect: Legendary Engravings will collapse the game

On my situation: I am currently sitting on 6x T3 + 1 UNA only alt. The six T3 guys are ranging from 1420 to 1325 and are of different classes. I play them every day: 12 CDs, 12 Guardians, 21 UNAs and it takes about 5h depending on groups and daily compass schedule (tbh an already absurd amount of time for doing your daily lockouts). I have not boosted or knowledge transferred one of them. My gold ingame is in the high 5 digits and I am doing absolutely fine with my ~1000h+ /played. I am pretty done with the non-rng horizontal content and I love the way character building works in this game. My problem is, I play 6 different classes and the game will punish me hard for that in the near future.

At the current state of the game getting +9 engravings on different classes is not a big issue. With future legion raids you will need at least one +12 engraving to hit the 5x3. I am taking the assumption that 95%+ of the player base also play different classes. At the start of the game I was considering setting up my account 6 times with the same class, but I decided against it because a game that is forcing you to play 6 times the same class to keep up with the current pace and content of the game without swiping is just bad game design. Now imagine all those people that are currently investing their time into alts that will hit the engraving wall - since prices of legendary engraving books are way outta control and even getting them on one character is an nearly impossible investment (like 20x Grudge > 140.000 Gold) for the majority of players - are realizing that they can not even nearly afford to get those +12 engravings in a reasonable time or appropriate investment. And seeing the prices on the KR auction house for engravings books tells me that the prices will not drop in a considerable way.

What do you think players will do?

a) They are so invested into the game that they will start swiping to afford the books?

*That’s the way AGS wishes it and is probably the reason bots are so lucrative in this game. @AGS if you don’t get it: Bots will give us five times the gold for the same amount of money you are charging in the ingame shop!

b) That they scrap their alts to reroll their entire roster to 6 times the same class?

Considering the investment they already took, I highly doubt this will happen. Another Powerpass alone is not simply fixing that and people are already tired of leveling/boosting/gearing new characters and the time investment that the game is putting on you for playing alts

c) Or that they will quit the game?

I am honestly afraid for the future of this game. It is weird that a game that is bringing out new classes on a very regular schedule is forcing non-whale players to play the game in a way that is LESS fun, brings LESS enjoyment and LESS diversion and variety to an already annoying alt schedule the game is putting you on. The boss fights and the character building is great and I love it and I am also purchased several cosmetics already, but the way this game tries to grab into my wallet (don’t let me start on Pheons, Trading between alts and bound items) disgusts me. This game is like a social experiment or somewhat.

Tl:dr; If you are not putting in an approriate way to get a decent amount of desired legendary engravings books when its time to 5x3, the game will die.
Btw: That’s exactly the same point all those paid streamers are saying the game gets gud.

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Legendary engravings are something you build over time. You have probably 6 months to build your arsenal of books before you absolutely need 5x3. Prices will go down over time, especially when the bridge/1415 chaos line/legion raids are released. There will be many more legendary books in circulation at that point.

No need to be afraid for the future of this game, the future is in Korea, and it’s doing just fine.


this is the same as fishing for you BIS items in other games and their raids. it will take time.

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As everyone have said the legend engravings is something you work over time in raid’s auctions where you get them for much less than AH.
Also pro tip: you don’t need legendary books, you can get perfectly your engravings just with accs. Literally saw a video of ATK last week where he geared his artist and instead of buying the books for 120k gold he geared her for 20k and got 33333

why did you type up a college thesis over a video game

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Wait so the game is going to die because we don’t have legendary engravings for each one of our characters? Oh shoot!

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Typical LA post… You dont get something in a day? Cry about it and the fact that it will kill the game and hope for the best, so that you may collect enough supporters to be the loudest in the sea of crying people and that the next event may shower you with all you’ve ever dreamed of…

Either that or use the anonymity of the internet to proclaim yourself as someone who actually knows what he is talking about. Which may even be true in 2% of the cases but won’t lead to anything! But hey whatever makes us feel good at the end of the day :grin:

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NA Guide to Lost Ark Game Design:

Engraving books removed from the game. All maxed Engravings provided on completion of North Vern questline.
All Legion Raids, Guardians, Abyss’ now available from day one.
Gear Level restrictions on all content removed.
All content offers 100x the base material reward with no daily/weekly time limit.
Honing success rate now 90% baseline for all gear.
Giant Hearts removed from the game. Giant Heart reward table provided on completion of Rohendel questline.
Island Hearts removed from the game. Island Heart reward table provided on sailing to Shushire.
All Mokoko virtue checks removed from the game.
All normalized hard mode content removed from the game. Now replaced with permanent Winter event.
All classes available from day one, including in-development Aeromancer and Female Berserker.
All skins available from day one and provided for free with 2000 of each dye.
All Arks acquired on completion of Arthetine questline. Game renamed to Found Ark.


Our version engraving prices will go down with time. Right now legendary books are so overpriced, only whales should buy coz its 100% not worth it for legit non whale player player.

140k gold for a +12 that you will use on EVERY SINGLE dps class is not much, you can get 1, maybe 2 every week if you focus your gold on it + if you look at kr prices do you know how much gold they make per week on their roster? their engravings are way cheaper than ours atm in terms of their economy, its going to get better for us as well

Give me everything for free. Even things that when you get them, you’ll never need to get them again ever.


well, non-class engravings are crazy expensive in our version currently. like kr grudge is around 15k and ours is about 12k, but our gold has more than 3x the buying power of kr gold right now so you’re really paying ~45k kr gold for a grudge book in the west. it will settle down eventually assuming they get bots printing gold under control. currently our market is governed entirely by RMTers and bots printing gold.

Just prayge AGS will give us gold engravings like they are doing with the blue / purple ones :3

Everyday someone comes on these forums and says “Some Something will cause the game to collapse/fail/become dead”

Listen, I get where you’re coming from, and your logic is sound. However, this problem is like saying a house has some plumbing issues after it suffered a severe termite infestation, then caught on fire, then a tornado blew threw what’s left of it. This game has much bigger problems than trying to get 5x3 in the distant future. Frankly I don’t think we’re getting to those the way this dumpster fire is being managed.

True NA watered down region

just use 12x grudge on every class, i’m pretty sure you’re supposed to do that anyway

My topic aged well. I think I will reopen Pythia.

@AGS You are allowed to hire me as a forecasting consultant. Looking forward to hearing from you. :clown_face: