Protocol for turtle?

OK im done with deskaluda, was a nice guardian but is plagged with non engraves/no gems players that pretend to get carry making a 2 min kill a 5 to 7 so no, I rather spend the 5 mins with properly geared people and not those wanting to take advange of others.

so I ask what is the turtle protocol? 1 do what? 2 do what? 3 and 4 do what?

First you enter the raid. Then you kill the turtle.

Nobody cares who’s what party number, if you wanna guarentee nobody wants to stand around for 15 minutes arguing just say “p1” or “p2” and bring Phero bombs. His invulnerable are static times, first when you break his shell and 2nd when he does his big aoe freeze.

Someone almost instantly flares upon entering and the run goes about 45 seconds faster if someone brings corrosives, but generally all that really matters is Phero 1/2 so the boss doesn’t go zipping around the map.

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no, battle items protocol

Just throwing this out there, most people just call out what battle items they are gonna throw. People mostly instant throw flare leaving p1, p2 and corro. However there are people who doesnt give a shit and not throw any. Therefore expect people not gonna use any battle items in MM.

no protocol in MM.

but usually i just see people call p1 or p2.

that’s the only 2 that matters.

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no corrosive/no phero = /sit or song of escape

In matchmaking I flare and phero twice I dont care what other people type it’s every man for themselves, I dont trust anyone in MM

In LFG, what ever the party leader dictates if I join his/her party I will follow it.
Usually its FPPC or CPPF sometimes FCPP

Flare Phero Phero Corrosive

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