Providence stones skin for artist

Hi, I would like to know if its going to be a skin that can be bougth with providence stones for Artist and if it exist how it looks. I also have boxes for the Maze of the Edge that drop from chaos dungeons, but I’m not sure they are going to get updated to include Artist as Roxx said that existing skin boxes aren’t being updated. I’ve tried searching on internet, but only find the look for the existing class so I’m not sure if those skins are going to exist or not.

Maybe someone that play on KR version can make a screenshot on the affinity vendor to check if the providence skin exist for Artist.

zeals showed them 2 days ago or something on stream but since his vods are deleted in kr can"t get you a screen of it.

So at least I know the skin exist, thats something. If it doens’t look very well at least I can turn it off but still have the 3% extra stats from the skin. If anyone can get a screen please share it.

do you know the time frame of it? i auto archive vods

I don’t remember exactly, I asked him in chat while he was on his artist showing some stuff & he went to punika for providence stone vendor to show both skins. He said the 70k piece one (epic) is bought by almost everyone likes them, looks like moth ears.

This person was kind enough to share:


70k version

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Thank you very much for the pics, now I know that I don’t have to buy an extra skin. Those skin will totally work for me :grin:

alright. well. that is pretty fbi and needless to say it will be adjusted for the west.

look at the other post with pants too, this one contains just chestpiece, not pants.

I haven’t spent any and never thought of the providence stone vendor, tbh. Is 357k a lot?

Epic level quality cost 70k each box and you got separated boxes for chest, pants and head, so a total of 210k providence stones for the full epic set. You also have the rare quality box that is basically same skin but on different colour, but the problem is that rare quality have just +0.5% stats instead of the +1% on the epic quality.

Sadly you can’t dye those skin, because watching the pics that they were posted, the rare quality colour for the artist skin looks a lot better to me than the epic quality.

Ahh, yeah that makes sense. Only glanced at the vendor so didn’t even realize there was epic/rare differences.

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