Proving grounds window: blocking all interactions

After the last update, other windows work fine for joining parties (we can still move the character and do interactions), but the Proving grounds window now blocks all movements/interactions with the character and is very annoying and time wasting, please make it the same as the other windows so the character can still move and do interactions (and not freeze as it is now the case after the update).
In the case that matchmaking fails, it even blocks all movements for 5 seconds.

Thanks a lot for the fix

Hello and thank you for reporting this issue. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this bug.

Is this happening to your other characters?


I do arenas a lot and this happens to me all the time since the patch, super annoying since I almost always queue while doing other things

Hey there! I’m sorry this is happening to you as well. I appreciate you coming forward and stating you’re having this same issue.

Yes, this happens with all the characters

Thank you! Could I have your character’s name and server?

I sent the info to you in private. Thank you

Received and your report has been submitted! :slight_smile: