Proving that pvp is flawed and not "skill based" and it needs to be changed with SCIENCE and FACTS

imagine you play the game for 2 years and then get absolutely and completely demolished by some random nonames like its nothing

that isnt me that’s a streamer and current #1 sorc in EU (but sorc is the worst pvp class in the game but thats another topic)

oh yeah, so much to look forward to! I can’t wait to invest 2 years of my life to “get good” at pvp in lost ark so i can have games where i get 10-0’d. LMAO This system is a joke. There isn’t another game where you can play for 2 years (like this streamer) just to get completely obliterated like this

lets assume i’m bad (im not, im pro) for the sake of the argument - is this my future? That’s what im looking towards? I should play/train daily so i can get to this stage? Lmao

here’s 1 more in case u say “its a one time experience” or something

he’s currently at 66% wr but dw if he keeps playing he’ll be down in the 50%s like the rest of us

ppl on this forum keep saying l2p, git gud etc meanwhile even the pros are getting bodied

this doesn’t look fun, the system is bad and needs to be changed


Amen to that brother, the pvp in this game is just to annoy you and is 100% luck based and 21:9 master race.


Umm where is the science and facts in this post lol? Im not really sure what im looking at, its an image of one team beating another? You are saying pro but everyone in that game is high rating so whats the problem?


“I’m pro but keep losing, ergo the pvp is broken”


Its amazing how much of a joke thread this is lol…


The PvP is certainly a massive let down. No possibility to queue with your friends, so no chance of making good teams, countering other teams, making friends, playing with friends etc. All the usual normal stuff for a healthy PvP community is impossible here because of the systems.


It’s really sad to see tbh, I also think as a DPS it’s such a coinflip, I play scrapper as main and when the enemy team gets a decent supp or blade I’ve just lost and guess what blade is one of the highest played classes in pvp.

The MM is really really bad.

Ummm u can literally do all u mentioned in unranked while still getting rewards, only thing ud miss out in is a rank and tittle, of which can farm solo when not playing with friends…

You can choose to do this in unranked yes. You can also get double bard on your team, triple sorc enemy team, no support enemy team, 3 random players barely trying as its normal mode, complete new players learning how to pvp AS ITS NORMAL MODE…
There is no chance for a competitive match as a team. Which is bizarre as the PvP videos of this game were always shown as tournaments and teams of friends playing together? When in fact this isn’t possible to do in game and esports scene will never grow.


If you’d really care about comp pvp google for The Arkives.

Yes we’ve all seen those set up staged tournaments. If only we had something like that in the game. And it didn’t have to fall to the players hosting public games. What are we back in dota 1 days when its up to the players to host the games? Rough. Why even add a ranked mode?


me? this isn’t even me

this is a 2 year-veteran who’s spend thousands of hours playing this game getting 10-0’d by randoms

R u kidding me with ur post? its not about me lmao

its bout the fact that investing time in this game is hardly even rewarding and there are way too many things that you can’t control so being good is circumstantial and the gameplay isn’t fun

MMR systems are designed with the intention of making equal matches. Win rates will all gravitate towards 50 percent as people get closer to their true rating.
A 50 percent win rate at 2600 is not the same as a 50 percent win rate at 1300. The ratings at the top will also increase as rating inflation occurs over time.

Your win rate will decrease as you climb rating, its just how rating systems are designed. If you take that same player and put him back down at 1300 individual mmr his win rate will be closer to 100 percent.

Even if he is matchmade as a 2600 into a bronze game, that is not the same as having a bronze mmr because the game will generally attempt to compensate the other team due to his higher mmr and would have a lower chance to win than if he were to have a 1300 mmr. Comparing just his declining winrate does not mean anything other than he is getting closer to his true rating.

If the game was not skill based in any way, he would not be near the top of the leaderboard. But all of the “pros” are near the top and not stuck in gold/silver. There is obviously luck involved on who gets the better composition, but if you are better than your current mmr you will climb despite that, just as the pro player you are referencing has done.

Thats the way in every game, Riot and Valve aren’t hosting small scale amateur tournaments either.

People complain that there will be Meta comps in pre made games, and in the same time from 200 pvp games i made i had sorceress in at least 1 of the teams in like 180 games, and deathblade in around 150. And in around half the games there was sorceress in both teams (if there was not cap of 1 class per team i am sure you would have seen many teams of 3 sorceresses in a team). Gunslinger and shadowhunter are pretty popular also and thats about the whole diversity in the pvp. And some paladins that are usless if they are in the team that does not have sorceress

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Still dont get what you are even on about, he lost into an unfavourable matchup of people at similar mmr lol… Are you actually complaining that he has played 2 years and lost? Who says the others havent played for years? Even if they havent they may not be any worse than he is, either way it was an unfavourable matchup for a sorc. I only just noticed you actually called sorc the worst pvp class too which is… Lol nvm thread is pointless and written by someone with little understanding of the game.


Well my complain is that before every game start you toss a coin which will decide if you will win or not, and is not dependent on your skill at all.

Well thats just untrue lol… Sure there is a degree of luck but skills is still the majority of it. Only real bad luck is going against a duo support or support vs no support. You are fighting majorly uphill then, other than that its a little luck based on team comp vs team comp (bit like this thread, guy went into probably the 2 worst classes as a sorc). The majority is still skill though, im climbing on a SS which is generally considered the joint worst pvp class, but ive played at diamond level on KR before this a few years ago and so far its been generally pretty easy for me to climb.

what do you mean only dependent on sup class? When you get 3 melees in 1 team you are as good as lost. Not to mention that when 1 of your team is bad you insta lose in the 2v3. To get better understanding about how important is the skill in here you can imagine the following:
imagine 3 players roll a dice from 1 team and 3 from the other and the higher score wins. Your dice is always constant, lets say 5 which is really really good ( 1 of the top players), 1 of your team is 2 and 1 is 3(average), enemy has 3x 4( better than average). your score is 8, enemy is 12. in summary when we count that 3 is average and most players have this skill, if you are 5 you are with 2/18 closer to the win.

Why do 3 melee lose?, if 1 member is bad then yea you are fighting up hill but they will go down in ranking as you go up. Also at low MMR you can carry games for the most part to make up for this, i have like a 70% WR atm on SS. Ive lost a couple games, mainly due to double supports but even then most supports dont think about the skills they are using so its fairly easy to play around them. If you have a member dragging you down communicate with them, i always type out what i want to happen and spam pings throughout the fight. Its nowhere near decided on who will win or lose before the fight happens lol…