Proving that pvp is flawed and not "skill based" and it needs to be changed with SCIENCE and FACTS

3 melees lose coz there is no communication and most of the time they group at 1 place and get killed by aoe spells. And ofc some people have good WR since its luck dependent, so some are lucky and some are not

Thats what you call 3 bad melee lol. You can communicate nothing stopping that and pvp in this is more in and out not stand around in aoe… The only melee that might really struggle with being in a pure melee group is a zerker. Either way the only time a match is going to be decided purely before it starts is with even skilled people playing a favourable matchup or against a team of greater skill. This is just an excuse for being stuck at low MMR, as can be seen by how all the players who played previously have climbed… If you shouldnt be in bronze you wont be.

well there is some more than luck, Since every game there is sorceress and deathblade, As SS you have good matchups

and no its not only zerker, There is striker, wardancer, scrapper that in 3 melees have hard time, paladin also, gunlancer

I really can’t understand what i am looking in this screenshots. Number 1 Sorc on EUC lost a match?

striker and wardancer are literally range counters… scrapper has the mobility and cc to chase down most ranged and is quite tanky to eat a little dmg on the way. Paladin should be at range anyways lol. Gunlancer may struggle a little but he can 1 combo any range he gets his hands on anyways. Sure there are times when it will be unfavourable but this is far from the most common scenario.

yea i understand that

now listen to me and understand me

it is not FUN.

imagine you played black desert online and you went to do pvp and for every 1 kill you had to die once (50%) would you have fun? no you wouldn’t. Nobody would.

forced 50% winrate is the biggest joke design ever

forced 50% winrate undermines GOOD players and boosts BAD players. Everyone who normally would be 51-100% is now 50% and everyone who normally would be 0-49% is now 50%
it caters towards the trash player not towards the good player, the game cripples you and limits you in different ways (in this game there’s too much CC and not enough damage for 1 person to solo carry) so that you can’t shine too much

forced 50% winrate is a bad design that caters towards the masses not towards quality of the gameplay

also the guy who mentioned "valve and riot aren’t hosting amateur tournaments "valve and riot aren’t hosting soloQ tournaments in a team game either - because nobody wants to watch 50% clown fiestas
edit: if you’re confused wtf im talking about - there’s plenty of games where you can achieve much higher WR even solo in a team setting because you aren’t as limited by the game as you are in here

if this game wants to be competitive and somewhat keep the premise it currently has it needs to remove soloq and make it premade only. There’s nothing with with a … MMORPG forcing a SOCIAL ASPECT. In fact , the best mmorpg (lineage 2) forced social situations in every way possible, there was almost nothing you could do solo and that’s why the game was the best mmorpg ever made - because at the end of the day you had to leave your comfort zone and seek connections which in years turn into nostalgia and friendships and good memories

i don’t remember shit from all the solo grinding i’ve done in random mmorpgs but i remember my lineage 2 times much clearer in comparison

either rework your system or if you want to keep your system stop bullshitting with this soloqueue crap and give proper ranked thats team based , make it easy to find teams and give incentive to do so

you have never played in a team of 3 melees right? only deathblade does good in 3 melees comps. and no most paladins have 2 ranged spells and 6 melee

But this is how the vast majority of competitive mmr systems are designed. For example this is an excerpt from dota 2’s wiki.

The system does not directly try to achieve any particular win rate for players.

However, it does try to ensure that each team has a 50% chance of winning by matching players of similar skill against each other.
    This means that, over time, win-loss ratios will naturally settle around 50/50 for all but the very best players.

The only system you will maintain an insanely high winrate is a system where they do not try to matchmake even teams. Basically a system without mmr or skill based matchmaking. The fact that someones winrate is getting closer to 50 percent actually shows that the systems doing its job.

In fact what you are asking for is an UNRANKED system where people are not matchmade based on skill level. Because that is the only way for people to maintain insanely high winrates. Have top players pubstomp low rated players rather than fighting people at their own skill level.

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Yes i have i play gunlancer, scrapper, paladin and shadow(not really melee i guess) in pvp aswell. And pld should be standing back interrupting and mitigating. It shouldnt be sat at the front… Been in many melee only games, though im only playing SS ranked as doing it to prove a point lol.

this would happen in pre made games also, since when you reach 2k mmr you will face other teams of 2k mmr, just not get 50% wr coz of bad teams.

yes exactly, and when he is with 2 melees, paladin dont do well

I manage fine and there was games in royal roaders which was pld with 2 other melee sooo…

as i said the problems with 3 melees is lack of communication, and playing non ranked games dont really count, since there are a lot players that havent played the games more than 2 weeks

Yea i have no qualms about adding a team ranked queue. Just stating that his premise of professional players winrates declining after they’ve already achieved the top of the leaderboard being “proof” that pvp is flawed is incorrect. That is quite literally the intention of having MMR.

They are getting fairer and more equal matches as their mmr approaches where it should be, which will always cause their winrate to drop. This is not the same as the 1300s with 50 percent winrate being hardstuck.

Theres tons of improvements that can be made, like role queue, team queue etc.

You can communicate, type and use pings? Its no different than a moba in that regards. Lack of communication is a choice, sure typing mid combo isnt very good but pinging is easy and you can talk before the match.

yes, you have 20 seconds to think of a plan and to expalain it to the others, after this the plan can not be changed, and you can use pings that no one will understand what you pinging at

countering othter teams: all games would be artillerist, bard and paladin. as this is th emost forgiving premade 3v3 comb and has no counters.
premade 3v3 ranked would make everything worse for pvp in the game because balancing would be impossible with a solo q and a premade queue

first premade only queue will never come as korea and smilegate are not liking it.
second it would ruin the pvp and most pvper gonna leave. i mean if you enjoy playing pvp versus the same 10 ppl with the same 3 classes all the time and consider this fun , then this would explain everything

Honestly can’t tell if this is about whether the game is skill based or if you just don’t like blinkz LOL.

I think you’re illustrating why the game is in fact skill based though. One of the best players can still get obliterated like you said due to minor misplays and inferior teamplay. It’s not even necessarily his fault. Sometimes your team just isn’t on the same page but the opponents are.

If you watch tournaments you’ll see the best veteran players dominate everyone else to the point that their opponents look like noobs. It’s a skill gap.