PSA: If you wanted the Yoz Jar, YOU are the vocal minority

If you are on this forum and you are making posts about how SG/AGS are idiots for listening to player feedback by removing the Yoz Jar, then you are a member of the vocal minority. It’s not the other way around.

If you are on these forums, then you are in the minority of the playerbase.
If you have the time to trivially acquire the amount of skins needed to get what you want from the Yoz Jar, then you are in the minority of the playerbase.
If you have the money to spend to get what you want from the Yoz Jar, then you are in the minority of the playerbase.
If you are making posts about any of this, then you are being vocal about it.

Vocal minority, you are.



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Citation needed.

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Yoz Jar is bad but it would have been a way better patch tomorrow if there were legendary skins

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So technically, vocal majority is on Twitter. Hence, everyone should just voice out through tweets.

Theres no vocal majority, people are spread out in multiple communities, you cant get them all.
All i see are “Ifs” and things we talked over about Yoz Jar already before.

Why do you cry so much about Yoz’s jar but not about level 10 gems, which are pretty much the exact same thing and have been in the game since launch, but are significantly more expensive than a legendary skin set?

  • You can gamble fusing 3 level 9s to level 10, and you go + or - 100k gold with a 50/50 chance
  • The damage ones (more expensive) give a decent boost (2-4% damage) for most classes
  • It’s something you get eventually with gold of the AH if you don’t want to gamble

In KR a full legendary skin set is like 80-100k, and a level 10 damage gem is 700k (3 level 9 is 500k, level 10 CDR is 300k), but of course no one complains about this.

Based thread


Why are people complaining about the skin gambling where you can only use real money to gamble but they’re not complaining about the other systems that require items you obtain via gameplay literally every single day on every single character without spending a dime ~
There’s no discernable logic to it.

Also +2 for a useless whatabout argument that servers no practical purpose.

Many good points were made by you in this post ~

Can get them with blue crystals too I believe…

It takes like 6 months to get a single level 10 gem, and there’s a 50/50 you get damage.

In the average 12 months it takes to get a level 10 damage gem, you get enough gold to buy tens of full legendary skin sets.

In KR the legendary skin sets cost less gold than you get in 1 week.

I guess the point about where the system ends up with prices went straight over your head.

But sure, keep crying and moaning because you won’t be able to reasonably directly acquire the skins from the store, even though you would just be able to get them far easier than other comparable items (level 10 gems) with gold from whales who feel like gambling with Yoz’s Jar instead of just directly converting royal crystals to gold.

Source: dude just trust me?
We didn’t get to see the system ags was gona implement but this isn’t the case in any other region.

Feel free to provide any official source that’d back up your claim tough ~

Just use the same gold to buy gems instyead if you’re upset over it?
This argument still does nothing except deviate the conversation from the topic in question because the underlying issue is undefendable.

The actual system implementation everywhere so far is very anti consumer and there’s northing wrong with people taking offense to such a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh sure, but it’s completely hypocritical to cry as much as you do about this when a system that’s almost exactly the same exists in the game, but no one has batted an eye about that at all.

And of course, you don’t say “yes that is also bad”, you make excuses for that system and try to act like it’s different, which shows your true colors that you don’t actually care about the details and just want to cry about Yoz’s Jar because everyone else is.

The excuse “oh someone could get this without the AH in 12 months on average” does not actually mean anything lol.

I don’t think you’re understanding that these gems have a gold value, and if you hit CDR you lose a lot of gold, while if you hit damage you gain a lot of gold.


Let me just say that you’re not wrong, in your title.

With the addition that the people that complained about it are also a vocal minority. You don’t matter, most people are fine with lootbox systems and actually like them.

You are clueless when it comes to any system related to the jar, the only thing you see is the word ‘lootbox’ and your brain shuts off then and there.

No, it wouldn’t have cost 100k to buy pieces of the legendary skins. No, it would not have stayed at a constant high price for more than a few days after release. No, you wouldn’t have needed to spend real money to get the skins.

If you say anything else, you’re literally going against how reality works, because the system exists on every other server and that is factually how it works.

Example: Artist just came out on RU, a massively popular class, and the chest piece was around 26k gold on day 1. Now it’s at 20-21k a week later.

On KR, the same piece hovers around 16k not sure how long after the jar was on sale.

If you expected 100k for them on NA, you’re smoking crack.

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So why did you use this to justify the skin gambling then?

On the issue of gems ~
Seems fine, i like’em. Mmos need stuff you can grind for ingame.
Slow progressive updates that you work towards via gameplay are kind of the meat of the rpg genre.
You need both dmg and cdr gems.
No one’s running around with 11 slots of dmg gems, at most you could use 8 and even then you’d likely have some utility skills that literally cant use dmg gems, a more even split is realistic ~

You have a strange obsession with their market value that i don’t understand tough.

I didn’t lol.

Ez hypocrisy


Oh btw you’re a complete bozo

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My mistake then!
I thought you were argueing that the skin gambling was acceptable ~
If indeed you don’t provide any arguments to justify it then we’re on the same side here ^^

It is. You’re already fine with being able to spend 50k on other ingame systems. I’d rather gamble on cosmetics than ilvl.

Yeah I think they’re both bad, I just think that it’s completely hypocritical for people to complain about them as much as they do when worse things have existed for months already.

Like just get them with gold lol.

Or buy blue crystals with gold, it’s literally the same as gems it costs gold:

I think the “it’s only royal crystals” thing is because you have to use royal crystal/yoz’s jar skins to get fabric, but the market is already full of those.

My brother in christ, that item you buy does nothing by itself.
You gotta feed it materials you get via dismantling royal crystal costumes at half efficiency.
Literally costing you this item as well as double the price of a regular costume set to attempt to gamble for a random costume skin that you may or may not like.

You think gem gambling has a high difference on returns between a cdr and dmg lvl 10 gem?
You can literally break down 100s of cash shop skins and gamble them, get nothing good, break down ur results and gamble, and end up with literally not enough cloth to gamble again.
That’s the system people are against.