PSA: If you wanted the Yoz Jar, YOU are the vocal minority

i agree that those of us on the forums are a vocal minority. both sides

but what i do not agree with is the idea that the majority of players wanted the jar removed and there are two reason for that.

the first is that from personal experience i dont believe most players even knew what it was so they couldnt of had any opinion on it.

and the second reason, and from my experience in other mmos, the average player that is still here likely didnt care at all.

there are alot of p2w apologist’s in games, there are STILL people claiming lost ark isnt p2w despite the fact you can buy gold legally.

as long as something doesnt effect them directly, most people tend to not really care.

id say both sides (for and against the jar) are the minority, with the majority being a group of players that either dont know or dont care.

Yeah and one guy in my guild fused 9 level 10 gems and got CDR every time, -900k gold.

Another guy fused 5 level 10 gems and got all damage when level 10 gems were +200k for some reason like a month ago. +1mil gold.

You don’t seem to understand statistics. What you fail to realize, is the odds of what you’re saying happening is very dependent on how much the legendary skins sell for.

If it costs 5000g for 1 roll, but I have a 10% chance to get a skin that sells for 100k, odds are I’m going to make infinite money (until other people catch on). Of course you could get unlucky, but it’s like going to a casino and playing Blackjack, but instead of having a 48.5% chance to win or w/e it is, you have a 75% chance to win, which is in your favor by a massive amount, and if you just gamble enough you will go infinite.

Btw this literally happened in LA, level 10 gems were -100k for CDR and +200k for damage at one point (no idea why) and people made millions just fusing gems.

The market ends up balancing out the price. Gems now are a 50/50 +100k -100k so long term you expect to break even, short term it’s just gambling. Same thing would happen with Yoz’s jar, legendary skin pieces would be a bit less than the cost of 10 gambles on the AH (because the purple skins do have some value, albeit much less).

So true!
You just gotta put in a little more money, next time it can’t possibly roll low again.
Just don’t run out of money before the statistics swoop in and save you.
If you stay determined and put more money into it will work in your favor.

Everyone else who’s not gambling? They’re just chumps.
They don’t know what you know, that it can’t possibly not work in your favor.
Just a few more tries and you’ll be back to where you started and then the sky’s the limit bby ~

Thanks for proving you don’t understand statistics.

The thing about what you’re saying is it’s something people use to mock actual gambling with systems specifically weighted for you to lose more than you win.

This system (and level 10 gems) aren’t intentionally weighted against you, it’s just whatever the market is, and the market will always equalize eventually, so again, long term you just break even and the gambling is something you do if you just like RNG, otherwise you buy the skins for the same average price.

Not to mention, Yoz’s Jar is significantly better than legendary gems, because it costs like 1/5 the amount per “jackpot”, meaning it’s far harder to lose everything.

Like imagine if you have 2 gambles. Flip a coin, heads you win $10,000, tails you lose $10,000.

Most people can’t do that very long, you get bad luck just a few times and you’re done. But if it’s heads you win $1 tails you lose $1, most people can do that forever.

It’s like if honing was just a 10% chance and cost 100g, but you could also just pay 1000g for 100% chance, you would have people doing both, but it’s the same shit on average.

Actually, you can dismantle AH skins to get fabric, which you can purchase for gold. And in every region not called NA, you get 1 fabric/day for having Beatrice’s blessing (nonscuffed crystalline aura,) but that one is only for royal crystals.

They could’ve easily kept the same buffs, just made them available for blue crystals as well.

Yeah that’s what I meant by “the market is full of these”.

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Yeah nah there’s just not a lot of thought put behind these decisions for our region sadly.

Why couldn’t you guys cry about something usefull like Pheons or Esther and bracelets? :pensive:

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You’re right.

I am the minority because my wallet is much larger than yours

They will, when it comes out. And then they’ll add back all the “controversial” mechanics they removed

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And that minority is paying on behalf you broke asses to play game for free.

Legendary skins would have been a long term goal for me.

Yeah, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Level 9 doesn’t have difference between CDR and damage.

Lowest level 9 CDR on NAW is 66k, lowest level 9 damage is 67k.

Would have taken you like a month of selling honing mats for 1 char if that’s all you did for gold farming to get a chest piece.

Definitely not lol.

In KR, each piece is like 20-30k, and you get like 140-200k gold a week.

The average cost to get a legendary piece would have been like ~15k with the lowest cost skins atm, and the purples you get back have values as skins for that as well, so individual legendary pieces (after the first few days with whales just buying whatever) would have probably been down around 13-15k.

Basically the cost for a legendary skin on average is 20 purple skins + 900 blue crystals. This on average gives back 9 purple skins though, so it’s more like 11 purple skins + 900 blue crystals.

11 purple skins + 900 blue crystals atm is like… 10k…

When I last played on EU I got like 1.5k worth for 2 dungeons and 2 guardian raids, so I used that as a metric.

And all the western jar professionals that never even saw the system seem to think that they would be mega expensive, so instead of the 15-16k I paid for on KR or the 21-26k on RU I went with a higher pricetag.

They could. Ya know. Let you select what you want for RC and make them Roster bound.

Not predatory enough. I mean… What crazy games are successful for a decade on that.

Oh wait. At least two off the top of my head.

Well there’s also weekly raw gold from 2 sources on 6 characters (Oreha + Argos, or Argos + Valtan) soon to be 3 sources for every character at Vykas. Una gold, adventure islands, chaos gate, field boss, challenge guardian, pirate ship, boss rush gems, etc, etc. There’s a LOT of sources of gold. Also bussing runs if you’re into that.

3k is nothing when you go +100k for damage and -100k for CDR.

Or you could have just bought a CDR gem for 100k instead of fusing 200k of level 9 gems.

You still lose 100k gold.

Avg legendary piece costs 11 purple skins + 900 blue crystals, price would likely settle a bit above whatever that costs on our version after the initial rush, which is currently like 10k on NAW.

Of course price could rise if purple skins go up, but it wouldn’t be insanely high. People are saying like you have to pay $800 IRL for these when it’s actually just like one week of gold income for most people.

I have no idea how to make gold, all I ever did in this game is chaos dungeons/guardians and abyss dungeons. First time I even claimed una tokens was like 4 days ago LULW

PSA: Take your own advice vocal minority

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