PSA: If you're leaving ShadowPC to join GeForce Now because of the recent VPN ban, DON"T

First off using Shadow PC to play Lost Ark does not violate the ToS as we are not using VPNs to access the servers. We were grouped into this recent VPN ban because we’re on non-residential IPs and that’s how the ban was implemented.

By cancelling Shadow and jumping ship to GeForce Now, which is just another streaming service, you’re giving more money to Amazon, who just handed us a shit sandwich. GeForce Now runs off AWS and yet it’s okay for that service to work.

Anti-competitive much Amazon?


I think the fact the block comes 2 days after the geforce partnership speaks volumes.


I didn’t cancelled my Shadow subscription for Geforce ! Shadow literally give me a computer while Geforce only makes it possible to play games thats it.

Until Shadow Team get something done about this i’ll remain a client of both. If shadow can manage to get a deal I am cancelling Geforce right off the bath. I have never felt more pressured to purchase a precise product in my life.

I’m just talking about the people who jumped ship to GeForce Now because of the recent VPN ban. Amazon screwed us Shadow users and some of them are turning around and signing up to Amazon’s streaming service.

For someone to cancel their subscriptions that easily it’s because they weren’t using the full features Shadow offers you.

As stated up there, Geforce is only a game client, not a computer like Shadow. Maybe in the end Geforce service is more adapted to their needs, people who use Shadow on a daily basis will not cancel over that, we will simply pay for Geforce on top of it, since Geforce doesn’t provide anything Shadow does.

Yeah, I do know that Shadow PC is different than GeForce Now or something like Google Stadia. Shadow PC is a full fledged computer that you can play games on and do whatever with whereas GeForce Now is purely a cloud gaming service. Like I use Shadow to play my Steam library along with my Blizzard titles. You could even use your Shadow PC to run GeForce Now although that wouldn’t be very efficient. Even the base subscription on Shadow PC is $30 a month so I’m not sure what you mean by users who don’t use the full features. If you’re able to use ShadowPC at all, you’re already pretty commited.

The point I’m trying to make is that NA Lost Ark is published by Amazon, who screwed Shadow users with this VPN ban. GeForce Now is also partnered with Amazon, so by signing up for GeForce Now in order to play Lost Ark because you can’t do it on your ShadowPC is like running back to your abuser. I don’t know if people realize this.

At the end of the day, do whatever makes you happy. I’m just trying to raise awareness of the situation.

I migrated from Shadow to GeForce Now, and I don’t regret it at all because I’m still able to play the game. Shadow VMs are running inside of virtual networks and they do mask your IP address. So, technically, yes, Shadow is against ToS. Now, I’m with you in that I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that they announced the partnership the day before banning Shadow IPs. I’d also agree if you said Shadow is a better value the GeForce Now. At the same time, it also makes sense that they’d allow GeForce Now and not Shadow. GeForce Now locks you out of the OS which means it prevents botting techniques that rely on manipulating game files, injecting code, and/or modifying runtime memory. Are they doing it for the money? Of course, they’re a publicly traded for-profit company, but at least they announced a partnership before banning all the other cloud gaming services.

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Corporate dictatorship in its early form. You don’t play this, you buy this from our partner instead.

I mean, isn’t it better that they waited to do this until GeForce was available? Wouldn’t it have been much worse for the people using Shadow to play Lost Ark if they were prevented from playing on Shadow prior to the GeForce release?

I am a student and I use Shadow first for my class and stuff second to play games. What I meant by ‘aren’t using the full features’ is that if you only need something to play games Shadow can become pricy for the overall offer compared to the 12$ with Geforce.

That being said im with you on this ! That was a planned strike so to speak. For us it appears like some commercial ‘dictatorship’ moves while they believe they have provided a solution to a problem they created themself in the first instance.

Im not an happy costumer of Geforce, I am a forced costumer. All I want is to be able to play Lost Ark…

How is this a PSA? Usually a PSA involves revealing information to others that they do not know, not just sharing your opinion on what you think others should do with their money. Here, you just state that you think Amazon should not be “rewarded” by you subscribing to NVIDIA when they are blocking access to Shadow. Nevermind that NVIDIA, like Shadow, doesn’t pay publishers to put their games on their service. Whether or not someone agrees with you, where is the PSA here? Simply offering your noted opinion that Amazon should not be “rewarded” does not constitute a Public Service Announcement…

When the VPN ban was implemented and ShadowPC users were cut off, many of them scrambled to find an alternative, namely GeForce Now. I don’t think most of them were aware that GeForce Now is a partnership between Nvidia and Amazon. By turning this service they were in fact giving even more money to Amazon, who screwed them on ShadowPC in the first place.

Does that make sense?