PSA: Instead of Undercutting, Price Match


If you want to make gold, try price matching stuff instead of undercutting it by 1 → 100 gold and driving the entire market down.

As it stands, it’s more expensive to sell a Tier 6 gem than make one from Tier 5s.

Please, please explain how it costs ~3k for a level 5 gem, but selling a Level 6 one for 8,000 makes sense?

Stop doing this crap. Honestly. And then people complain about gold making ffs.


I was literally talking to my friends about this in discord two days ago. Everyone undercutting each other leaves profit off the table for everyone… just so you can make a quick sale… Why are they rushing to make items worth less?

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It’s so anger inducing.

Like you are literally LOSING money on Tier 6’s by pricing them sub 9k.

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How about the cheap ones have useless rolls?
Do you think that they would be willing to sell below the making cost something that is usefull?

Reroll it!

People have marketboard mentality from other games, but here, everyone can make profit and it’s great. Just put it at the same price, and you’ll make money.

I have had zero problems making money selling at the current lowest price.

I want to add the obvious exception is if someone puts a troll listing up where it’s like 90k on subpar or something.

If you want to sell fast and make these traders angry. Undercut is the way!

Omg. You must lose money in the IRL stock market man.

I noticed Life Leapstones taking this dive despite the stones still selling just as fast as when they were ~160 to 200 range. Now they are in the 30s.

I know they had no business being 160-200 and that more people are T2 and less people are gated by leapstones, but yeah, the dive from 120 range to 30 range happened in like 6 days rofl.

30k per reroll GL.
If you think it’s that good buy cheap ones and reroll them.
Problem solved.

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in some situations sure i agree with you but if you think im going to list my items when there is already 18762 other copys of that item(stuff like fusion materials and stones) its just not going to get sold so ill take my 1g per stack hit and guarantee my sell instead of waiting 24 hours for it to come back to me and i lose even more profit because the market crashes all the time