PSA : Play Song of Escape to exit your Stronghold

As many have noticed, whenever you teleport out of the Stronghold or walk out of it, you come back to the exact same spot you’ve exited to.

While some might just hop in to refresh Dispatch/Crafting/Research which is only tied to the CTRL+1 shortcut, I like using the Stronghold to store items, check what’s in the merchant stores. I haven’t unlocked the Farm yet (lv. 9), but I can imagine it’d be nice to be able to go out and come back to that same spot. The “manual” exit is at the North side of the Isle. Whenever you next go to your Stronghold, you go appear all the way back at the North Side. I don’t like having to walk/ride back to where I was standing.

Best way is to play the Song of Escape. The game doesn’t tell you that.

So instead of spending a few silvers to Triport out, play Song of Trixxion to walk back through Beatrice’s exit, just Song of Escape out of there… Because you might not’ve thought about it :slight_smile: