PSA Saintone, Zeals, Stoopz Doing Podcast @ 8pm PST

To anyone who enjoys the game or wants to listen to a talk about Lost Arks future, issues, downfalls, etc etc. Stoopz doin a podcast on his Twitch stream with Saint and Zeals. I know everyone isn’t a fan but, thought I’d give a PSA just in case anybody was interested.


Thanks for the heads-up. :slightly_smiling_face: Watching now…


Hoping AGS gives this a watch and takes in their perspective on things.


Ew, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Actually a pretty good chat…Saint has a lot of good insight.

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Yeah I do like Saint

I will watch the vod I guess. Saw this a lil too late!
But I always enjoy them discussing the game. Loved the Allcraft/ark episodes featuring them and its always informative.


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Should be on Youtube tomorrow if I heard correctly as well.


Love hearing their perspectives on the game. So rational and respectful. Wish more ppl on the forums would learn about being realistic and still hopeful for the state of the game.

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Ags should watch it xD
They need anyway more data and Feedback

Saint gives insight on the publisher’s role and how it actually works when it comes to inner workings and whatnot (he’s worked in the same area previously). Not as easy as you think it is.

The only complaint that i have about Saintone is that he is not interested to get married otherwise he is perfect.

But getting married unless you want citizenship is pointless in 2022 more or less. Yeah yeah taxes, but not everyone is interested in kids and does fine on their own.

I absolutely agree on his take that the QoL changes being listed are insanely important. The Stronghold Farm, the daily checklists on the Switch Character screen, and the Front/Back attck indicators are my #1

Who cares about citizenship and kids when you can get taught how to hold the rod and fish at Lost Ark by a man with knowledge and experience that is also handsome?

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I’m not sure he would stop the grind… even for a waifu

Thanks for PSA I’ll definitely check it out.