PSA - Strongholds ARE Important!

OKAY, Strongholds are an incredibly useful part of the game that I feel a vast number of players overlook or simply say, I’ll do that later… DON’T!

I see so many people 1370+ with like level 5 strongholds and when asked about it they usually say something like:
" I don’t like RMT aspects "
" I’ll work on it after my alts are T3 "
" I’m not good at/don’t like sandboxes "

bruh, you gotta re-evaluate your priorities.

Stronghold is something that GROWS AS YOU GROW! It’s not something you need to dump a ton of money or time into, it’s something you can do PASSIVELY and get tons of features/benefits to improve other aspects of the game.

You get crew members, crafting, consumables, pirate coins, trade skills, honing buffs, combat buffs, honing mats, and the list goes on and on.

As soon as I saw that I got a stronghold I was immediately about it and have not regretted it at all. It’s pushing level 30 now and I can’t wait to see what else comes out for it.

So if you haven’t started on it, get working on that Stronghold. I promise you it will be worth it!


I love my stronghold but I have one complaint, and that is I cannot decorate the inside of the manor. I guess I am used to my stronghold on SWTOR, where you can decorate the inside and outside (specifically Tattoine, Rishi, Alderaan and Yavin strongholds).

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maybe it could be a feature they can add. One thing I personally don’t like is that I bought the Punika House parts with the Blue Gems and I thought it was a blueprint. Its not, it just gives you one wall… for 40 gems.

It’s definitely useful for your character, but it’s a mobile game mechanic. Almost every mobile game has a stronghold that you build with time gates to give you benefits and so on.

I can understand that, but in my experience in those mobile games that’s the main function of the game. In Lost Ark its a passive thing you can do while you enjoy the plethora of other aspects.

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This. I have 5 chars. Two of those i use stronghold for guardian raids. Saves so much time lol

Yeah, I like my stronghold, it’s level 20. But I get caught not having enough mats to research. I need 100 ore, go out & quest mine & shop then accidentally spend the pirate coins on something else. I can’t get anything done :relaxed: