PSA: Super event pass is usable on your main

TITLE! Can AGS fix this please, or refund the pass? So many people (twitchchat) and me included used the Super Express pass on their main character which is way above 1000.

Why can we use the express pass on your main when we then cant do anything with it???



hello, i have the same issue. Obviously it was my mistake and own stupidity because i didn’t read all patch notes yet, BUT from the preview it looked to me like the super express event was meant to be for your T3 characters, thus i chose my main char for it.

I haven’t claimed any rewards after i saw all the materials you get are T1 and bind when obtained. is there a way to undo this? So i can choose my T1 character for completion? I and lots of other players would be very greatful (the main issue is that the preview does look like it’s meant to be for T3 !)

character name: Lamyia
Server: EU Central Nineveh

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Same issue

It even says in the notes that u cant use it on 1000+ ilvl character

Now im stuck with my main with all this t1 materials???

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You guys are ungrateful, don’t you know AGS is a small indie company? Give them a break!

LOL so I used the training facility in my stronghold to level my alts just sitting at 302 ilvl to 54 combat level. Looks like I have no character to use this on because I used my stronghold as intended. RIP. Guess I have to power pass a new character just to do express missions. Inconvenient but ok I will play along :confused:

Side note. Thanks for the Express missions and rewards. They really do seem good. Wish the combat level wasnt a thing and it was just Ilvl but just a small gripe. Rewards looks pretty great. Overall A- from me. Good system! Decent implementation.

If the patch notes specify requirements (iLvl or otherwise) then I don’t see why you wouldn’t enforce the same thing in the code. I hadn’t read the patch notes, I guess that is the lesson here. I wasted it on my main and that’s frustrating.

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Update: after makeing some unas task i could claim rewards below the minimap. So it looks like you can use them on your main if u dont care for alts (but the t1-t2 mats are bound)

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Update 2. Just claimed the big box on my 1400 Ilvl Char.

Yes, of course you can claim that completion reward on your main, the main problem is the character selected below ilvl 1000 doing the Express event will get 20% honing rate along with a +2 per honing… which is incredibly good for alt.

Not to mention 40x life shard pouch and life leapstones… T1-T2 materials lol, your post totally missing the point of why everyone is raging xD

Sadly, also have to waste guardian soul on main for the reward chest x.x

Note : You can clear una+chaos daily, for 3 days to finish completion, dont have to do the guardian raid soul harvest.

Seems like your own fault to be honest and its good that you can use it on your main because otherwise someone who just plays one character cant do the event at all.

Hallo ich habe von sirus auf asta gewegselt . habe den ark pass bekommen aber nicht den express carackter pass das geschenk unterhalb der minimap . weiĂź wer warum und wie ich ihn kriege bitte danke

Express musste bis 20.06 aktivert werden und ist nurnoch bis 20.07 abschließbar - und keine ahnung ob man den auf mehreren Servern verwenden hätte können, aber wie gesagt war nur bis 20.06 aktivierbar

ok danke auf sirus is er aktiviert dann habe ich auf asta kein macht nix bin nur noch auf asta danke fĂĽr info . spiel macht mega fan