PSA: You are not cute for going "i'll get first phero" in Kungelanium

You are actually contributing less than what an optimal party is contributing when you get one single phero in the entire fight. The reason is because Phero, Destruction, and Corrosive are mutually exclusive. Furthermore, Kungelanium’s armor is incredibly tough and requires a lot of weak point damage.

The ideal setup is

Player 1: Flare x1 + Phero x2
Player 2: Destruction Bomb x2-3
Player 3: Destruction Bomb x2-3
Player 4: Corrosive Bomb x2-3

When you contribute literally only one pheromone bomb in Kungelanium, you’re forcing another person to get the second pheromone bomb, precluding them from being able to use destruction bombs/corrosive bombs. You’re essentially massively reducing the weak point damage that you deal at the beginning of the fight, which is what the actual biggest time saver is.

So no, don’t try to sass people and say “?” when the second pheromone bomb was not thrown after you exclaimed that you’ll get the first pheromone bomb. You are not cute for doing so, and you are not going above and beyond. You are actually literally a burden in Kungelanium when you contribute only one pheromone bomb. Because once again, Kungelanium requires many more battle items than other Guardian raids. If you actually want to “show off” that you’re going above and beyond and contributing to the battle meaningfully, get all 2 pheros and the Flare.

Signed, someone who was annoyed that they had to use 4 destruction bombs in Kungelanium while the person who used only one pheromone bomb the whole fight tried to sass the party.


Haha yeah that’s crazy.



Stuff makes the diference between a 6 Minute and a 3 minute kill

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Im saving my battle items for Lost Ark 2


Why you even need Destruction Bombs? All my runs are 4-5 minutes long and the shell break in less than 2 mins with just corrosive bombs and using destruction skills off cooldown.


If the shell broke in 2 mins that means you wasted 1+ min of the entire fight (you are spending time dealing <50% damage). The optimal shell break time in an actual optimal party is literally like ~35 seconds.

Ok? If we’re tryna speedrun and waste our consumables we do that. Otherwise 1 or 2 extra minutes and everyone only using a consumable once is fine by itself. 1 flare, 2 guys using 1 phero each, 1 corrosive bomb.


Ok, remind me to never be in a party with you. If you’re using that few items you might as well just use nothing at all and it takes another 1 or 2 extra minute. Kungelanium is literally designed to require more items than other Guardians.

2 people using one pheromone each is such a waste, one of them better take destruction bombs

Because as said above, Pheromone/Destruction/Corrosive are all bombs and you can only take one of them
1 Phero / 2 Destro / 1 Corro

Then the shell breaks like Valtans armor after his first charge into the wall

I did the ice turtle once and figured it’s just less headache to do the bird instead.


I killed it once for the box, what’s the benefit of farming Blue Turtle over Green Chicken?

That is still 2 pheros and then some Destruction Bombs slapped on it tho?

1300 hours and I’ve never used a flare, phero, or a bomb in guardian raid. Deal with it!

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you get more ghl, not sure about the guardian and destruction stones

Thats worse than what the topic is. Use ur battle items goddamit. Even if just once

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It is the difference between everyone using 1 battle item vs 2 battle items, just the difference between a 5 minute run and a 3 minute run

P1: Flare, Phero
P2: Destruction
P3: Destruction
P4: Corrosive

At the beginning, P4 throws Corrosive and P2, P3 throw Destruction bomb, everyone using weakpoint skills as well. After 30 seconds (Bomb CD), next corrosive with destruction bombs and the shell breaks, P1 can throw Pheromone and Kungelanium Phase 2 begins. After some fighting, P1 throws the second Pheromone Bomb.

Use the Farm in your stronghold to craft battle and healing item chests, they are basically free and can supply all of your guardian, abyss and legion raids with it

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I mean it’s cool that I would kill it faster, except my stronghold is spent on stimulants (because my class needs it) and adorphine potions for guild content (which is the actual speedrun that matters).
I couldn’t be bothered to wait for all my guildmate to go online or to spend 5 minutes explaining to every pubs what to do and then waste the limited resources I have that instead could have been used on the legion raids that actually need it.

Welcome to NA, this is not KR where everyone knows what they are going to throw depending on their player #, hell, people can’t even decide if they wanna do x3 or NESW for positions lol. You just have to deal with it. If I’m player 1 and I throw the flare; how do I know player 4 throws corrosive and player 2 and 3 throws destruction? I’ve thrown the first phero once cause I was number 2, and guess what? Number 3 didn’t throw shit. Or I had player 4 typing “I got phero” because he doesn’t wanna throw corrosive. Not everyone watches streamers that play in KR.

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Yep I met those people too. He threw first phero and after nobody threw the second he was mad and tilted. We threw like 2 corrosive and the others 2 destro each. After I told him he was like: ‚your Fault not mine‘ serious? :hugs::rofl:

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Sometimes im glad I don’t play on NA

But I’m also not talking about expecting everyone to use it like this, not when matchmaking. I saw some groups in party finder, both for player 2~3 Phero and 1 person both Phero, written like that in lobby title

in matchmaking its more like, someone says Phero and then someone else Corro, rest taking destruction bombs but can’t expect everyone to use battle items in matchmaking