PT-BR translation and cash store with regionalized value

The game has a giant community on the SA server and Amazon seems to be shitting and walking with these people, no information if there will be a translation they informed, and the values ​​of the items in the store until today nothing to regionalize, another point in Discord should create a ROOM for PT-BR since in the damn New World they gave this attention and in Lost Ark they are giving the fuck

I love PT-BR idioms.

Jokes aside, we still seem to have a pretty decent non-bot player population, at least in Kazeros, so… yeah, worth doing this to convert those people into paying customers, IMO

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it’s brother it’s complicated, they don’t even bother to regionalize the store, or at least in the official discord create rooms for specific languages, things they did in the New World that at least were positive

The Discord changes are super simple to implement and have no downside whatsoever. They also post news/announcements translated to Spanish but not Portuguese.

To me, it feels like AGS just totally forgets that Brazil (or Portugal, even, as the game also has EU servers) exists.

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The game has translation for European countries that are the size of an egg, and fuck the BR community, the New World was a failure the game, more in terms of communication with the general community they took this out of the letter