Pulled from shop?!?!

Why was this randomly pulled from the shop. People already bought it its to late to pull it now

@Silverwolf @Roxx

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people love to complain when they have no intention of spending money anyways.


I was going to buy it for my alts but it’s gone now? What the hell man

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because they are broke and homeless so that means everyone else cant spend 10 dollars on loot because they cant

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I knew i shoulda bought it the second i saw it was to good to be true


If they don’t put this back in the shop I will quit the game!


They really need to stop buckling every time people complain. Was looking forward to buying this after work but I guess it was only available to the paying customers who don’t work Thursday mornings…

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Back to RMT it is then!


Probably because you can’t put the Guardian/Destruction bags in Roster. I took the pack on my main, thinking about using them on my alts, but the bags itself cant put in roster, while the leapstones can… they probably fix this and put them back in

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ahh hopefully this is the case

You funny.

Lol funny :rofl:

I bough all 3 chests instantly :sweat_smile:

My best guess is that it was accidentally rolled out for a lower price than they originally wanted because it’s a LOT of mats. If they put it out now with an increased price, everybody’s going to throw a fit over the difference.

Really screwed up that people got to buy it :confused: