Punika Adv Tome

The Lunatic Slaughterer is bugged? I’ve killed him 5+ times and is not counting towards the adv tome

Hello Priszella!

Odd that this doesn’t seem to be counting for you. Can you please provide an in-game screenshot of the adv tome and your character name/server name?

Thank you for your time!

Username: Prisze
Server: Wei EU central

Hmmm, odd.

I’ll get this sent to the development team for you.

Having the same issue. From the locations suggested for the Lunatic Slaughterer, the monster I get are called “Lunatic SwordFighter”. Killing them doesn’t seem to count towards the Adventurer’s Tome

Welcome to the forum community I hope you enjoy your stay, adna! Odd to see you’re having this problem as well :thinking: . I’ve sent it up to the development team be looked into.

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