Punika Growth Support Pack

Same thing.
if you sit on an 1370 char its huge.

let’s be honest, not really no.

all the players are more , actually way more starved on leapstones than shards and crystals.
and the value of the shards/crystals already started to decline significantly.

I am free to have this opinion and I stand behind it, that 1k red and 2.4k blue crystals are barely anything to be hyped about, the event itself gave you way more rewards, not even talking about other miscellaneous stuff like rapport items or silver or card packs.

and also this update is about the vykas release so why shouldn’t it be catered towards players who are atleast or close to 1430 ilvl by now which will be the minimum requirement for the new legion raid.
like I said those pouches would have been good pre argos where everyone even me was in the deadzone for weeks even after release, but now they are kinda meh. And that is not something you really can argue about. There is many others who share that same opinion, wether it’s streamers or other people from the lost ark discord

Then I got confused I guess when you said I know the value of these packs as I got 3 out of the store when they added them accidentally.

So you were talking about 1 compensation a month?

Im never starved and im 1480. Imo you are Just impatient

yea that growth pack is prime alt pushing material. I don’t know why people think it should be enough for them to push +22 weapons lmao

Will it be avaiable for blue crystals ?

Those who were lucky to get it last time will be able to buy it again huh?

Which ones lol

I like the ones I can use for my Scrapper anyways =P

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no I think you guys are all the dumbos here

how many times do I have to repeat myself that I wasnt talking about the growth supporter pack?

yet fucking 4 guys in here attack me because they can’t fucking read, unbelievable

Im out, you do you.

gl with your 1 hone
and the 0 leapstones from the compensation

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Woo hoo! i did miss it thanks!

I was actually really wondering if someone just forgot to mention leapstones cuz uhhh where the duck are they in the compensation???

i like them too, thank you for the image.

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