Punika Growth Support Price

If the pack comes back higher than 1000 Royals Crystals, that’s grounds for a riot. What could you possibly be testing still? The RMT nerds are not stopping and you refuse to fix it, you might as well make it easier for regular law abiding players to get good amount of mats. The price was great, the amount was great, so what do you still need to test? How much more you can milk the player base before you release it fully?


First effective thing they’ve done to incentive players to spend money in game rather than through RMT sites and it’s removed within 3 hours with no info on when it’s expected to come back.



And the excuse is that it needs testing. You just had a live testing, it did great and we all want it. Testing done, release it.


Yea seriously. Seems to be working just fine if people were able to buy and use it. Not really sure what would be stopping them from just putting it back. It’s just materials, right? The stuff we get from chaos dungeons and guardian raids every day minus the fusion materials. Now that people want what they can no longer have and want to spend $ to gamble, it’s going to sell like crazy when they do release it again.

so do price lower then, problem solved~

Yeah to make everyone happy or even happier and looking forward to end month reset of the pack, make it cheaper and also bound to character that claims it. I of course can afford 3000 royal crystals infact if they made it 5/5 would be better than 3/3. If “toxic” community members saying it’s too expensive… Just tell them to get a job and stop living off their parents

what u talking about?! lets do 20 per monthly~ we wanna more of that stuff~

That’s overkill man, then those “f2p” scums will say this game is massively p2w then everything goes back to square 1

okey~ lets settle at 10 then~

5 is the sweet spot. I would like more but let’s stick to 5

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