Punika is under attack!


its because you guys kept feeding the strays :roll_eyes:
now the whole gangs here


Bot prices on popular sites are dropping again so looks like they found a way to come back in full force. At least the bots won’t have any problem constantly generating new names. 26^9 = 5.4295037E^12


This is also the fault of all those players who refuse to throw machetes at the wild cats for their meat :stuck_out_tongue:

“Too cute” eh? Now they’re armed.

Yep swarm building up.

wondering why fish is getting cheaper? the hardest worker of lost ark are back

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Just did a rerun on Tier 2 Abyss dungeon: Forge of The Fallen Pride. I and 2 other players encountered a bot zerk with us. At first I didn’t think it was a bot because next to the name had a title, and it was the first time I had seen a bot with a title next to its name. I only realized after it died to the very first boss ( the one with 2 dragons) because it refused to run from the red circle and killed the 2 drags. Just to make sure I told it to type or I would report. Zero communication and ran outside of the safe circle on the last boss wipe mechanic.

I couldn’t even warn in because apparently it was not in the zone, and there was no option to kick the bot. The only way to refuse the bot of it attempt was for me and the other 2 players to quit the dungeon, which was extremely stupid. No kick option in the game is weird as hell

Edit: It also died to random and challenge monsters before the boss’ room…

tons of bots everywhere again.

Min daily concurrent was 77k on July 1st, min is now 252k. Remember to spay or neuter your cats.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here

Started from the bottom, now my whole team f**ken here

Luterra but same

Lets hope they don’t wait till bots are 600k+ strong before they do more ban waves… 300k+ concurrent players? nah 200k+ bots and growing.


As long as there are no queues, everything is fine apparently. The bots and AGS have an understanding. Don’t make queues and we don’t ban you.

They need the higher player count on steam or else how will they let the world know how successful the game is?