Punika knowledge transfer didn't transfer

Character: Sovre
Server: Azena

I made a glaiver today and got it to 1100. I went to punika but halfway through the first few quests I wondered if I can just knowledge transfer as I did not want to do Punika again for the 4th time. I saw it was possible and I did so at around 11am. Earlier tonight I completed the knowledge transfer, but the main quest line for punika didn’t finish. Now stuck have to do the main quest even though I did the 2.4k gold transfer.

Getting this error when I try to knowledge transfer again

Same here

IGN: Asuraglaive
Region: SA
Server: Kazeros

Hello Support Team,

My current knowledge transfer is (2/9) and the game doesn’t let me do more knowledge transfer in two alts that i have in 460 item lvl.

Please help me with this.

Char name: Edecz and Targaryenxz

Server: East NA Regulus