Punika Knowledge Transfer is BUGGED!

I used it on my fresh 1100 character last night and it didn’t finish the main quest, so I can’t do any T3 stuffs!

Server: Enviska, NA WEST.


Oh, before I ran out of gold It already consumed 2.4k. I waited 8 hours and got nothing.

Omg thank god someone posted this already I thought I was the only one with the problem. Did the knowledge transfer on my glavier before I left for work and when I came back I completed the transfer but it seems it didnt work so I still need to do the main story quest

I am also experiencing this bug. KT’d a fresh 1100 character and waited for it to complete. Went to finish it in the stronghold, it teleported my character to Nia Village but main story quests weren’t completed and I’ve lost my gold. Please addresss ASAP!

Server - NA East - Avesta

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