Punika Moon 1 Incorrect Accessories

Hi there, I just got to 1325 and ran Punika Chaos Dungeon Moon level 1 expecting Epic tier 1325 accessories but only got Rare tier 1100 accessories.

Blue accessories are not a part of the expected rewards, is this intended?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Reach ilvl 1325
  • Run a Moon 1 Chaos Dungeon (with resonance)
  • Expect Epic accessories to drop
  • Rare accessories drop instead

Thank you!



Can confirm I had the same issue today.

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Bump !
Reach 1325 this morning, i can confirm the issue

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Same thing happened to me just now. Only blue jewelery droped from Moon 1 Chaos Dungeon.

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18 days passed and the issue is still here…

It stays like that throughout Moon level 3. What’s not shown is that those are “Up-to” drops, not guaranteed. So you can get up to epic accessories, but most likely you get mostly rare (blue).

In Moon 3 it’s about 50/50 split, and I imagine by Sun 1 it’s mostly epic accessories.

Bad design because it literally says “expected rewards” above the loot table, and shows purple accessories, without showing blue as well.

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the bug is still there. I noticed it today

No, I think its a bug because expected reward is literally what it mean. Its how loot are distributed everywhere and elsewhere, so why would it be different here


this is still happening and has been for days now. I have ran it many times and still blue accessories are dropping as opposed to the epic ones. Did it change to epic when you got to Moon level 2? (if you have)

Now at Moon 3, blues still drop but there’s a higher chance for purples now. However, I agree with oic and guffeh, it shouldn’t say expected rewards: purple if it still drops blues.

Similar Issue, Punika Sun 1 says legendary armors, but I only got epic level drops