Punika pass activation help

So I should have a vern power pass and the punika power pass available. But im having trouble finding it. (I redeemed the ticket in game and used it) but I’m trying to create a new character but in the power pass window it shows no power passes available.

Please help. Thank you in advance!

Powerpasses are temporarily disabled:

I’m trying to redeem the free punika power pass; not purchase. So not just purchasable, but the free power passes as well?

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Correct. Sorry for your loss, I’m currently waiting too.

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Had a similar issue when the feiton pass was released. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t completely gone. I’m just hoping it’s reinstated before the hyper pass expires.

No one has anything to say about its ETA sadly. I was hoping the same. I’ll probably just come back during the next event/pass personally. But you’ll get this pass regardless of if it makes you feel any better if you stick through this.

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This is beyond mad unfortch

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Nonetheless, thank you all for the feed back. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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They better give Free punika pass after this Whole powerpass fiasco. It would be so lame if they woudnt give any kind of compensation after the trouble they cause to us. Not just bots. or if they cant give one. at least send discound code or something for powerpass purchase.

Hello Arkesians,

I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with being unable to use your power pass at present but that is indeed the expected temporary behavior. You can read more about this here:

You may check on official updates regarding this matter in the Official News Forum as well as our main site.

Given this is a repeat thread on an already addressed topic, I am closing it now.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf: