Punika pass and express event

So in the roadmap, they mentioned that a Punika power pass and an express event were coming, I’m assuming in July. First let me say, this is all speculation and just for conversation. All assumption here, and I may be wrong, but I’m betting that the express event is going to be for 1302 to 1415. Wouldn’t that make the most sense right now? like all our current content and content coming out is 1415+, so if we got an express event that just put us to 1302 again, it wouldn’t be really helpful would it?

Lets hope. because it would be nice to have another character at 1415+ without trying to hone without the 1460 stronghold buff lol. What do you guys think?

Yeah and make another DPS and complain about no support in raid

I would presume any character progression events come with the release of Arcanist in July.

Yes it’s important to have 23 DPS options and 2 support options. Keeps things balanced.

yeah. thats what I mean about July. I figure it will be with Arcanist. I’m just hoping that the express event is for T3 to help get to 1415, and not for T1-T3 like the last one.