Punika pass Compensation bug

So as you can see from the title… Theres a Bug. WHO woulda known! Anyways so if you already HAD the punika power pass (The one they gave us for reaper that was in ticket form) And redeemed it (To where it shows in server menu) When you claim the “Compensation package” with the ticket you get no new one. So now Im down a punika pass vs everyone else. Nice. Would love to have some type of resolve to this. Also the honor shard bags I received onto her. When I opened them, it claimed them like pet slurped them up off the floor. But I have NO honor shards. IT’s a brand new character literally just left the punika pass dialogue in Trixion.

Server is Na - East. Character I claimed the Compensation on is “Rentagfdotgov”

Just a comment, Is everyone else gunna go negative Punika Power passes till it gets resolved?

A Punika Powerpass was not included in the compensation package. The set of items they granted was the Punika Growth Support pack matching the items you get from the Growth Support Pack available in the store.

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