Punika pass I used it but it doesn't appear on the character selection screen

Hi <3 I entered after the update and used the ticket. After 3 days, when I entered to create a character, I couldn’t see anything. From what I’ve read on the forum they are trying to find a solution. How long will we wait? Can you give an estimated time?

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So it will be fixed in the next update, right?

Dunno if its your problem. But for using Punika pass I think you need a previous character that has already ended Punika.

If this is not your situation, forget about this.

My main account is in 1415 punika, there is no task I haven’t done, the ticket has already arrived in my bag and I used the ticket, but I did not create the character. Now when I press powerpass nothing comes up. Thats the problem.


Not sure, but probably yes.

Hello and welcome to the forums @mislekdemir and thank you @UsernameNotFound for your correct answer on this,

Thank you for your question regarding the Power Pass. This seems to have been correctly answered by your fellow Arkesian so do not hesitate marking their responses as the solution if that is the case.

I will keep an eye on this thread in case you have any other questions.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf: