Punika Pass missing in my mail

I was about to create a new char on my account today. When I check my mail. My Punika pass is missing, I haven’t used it or claimed it. Need help.

That’s because Punika Powepass expired at 10/26, this Wednesday

Hello @xdbartolomeo

Hope you are doing great an apologize about this misunderstanding.
AS @GIROROO mentioned it is already expired, it was explained here:

Best wishes adventurer
Keep gaming!

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That is an unacceptable answer, do you want players to quit the game?

I am a newer player, recent mokoko, just made a forum account for the first time yesterday. My power pass worked the exact same way as my character cosmetic change pass, with the expiration date changing upon use in the inventory.

And now I am being told that it is my own fault for not reading patch notes and forum posts? I am a simple player I just want to turn on the game and play. Your tone-deaf response is just going to make me quit, not a good idea to play Lost Ark if the devs gaslight players like this, trying to defend incorrect in-game information.

Hello @MrVSM

I understand this situation is frustrating even thoug the information was posted on the website by first hand on september 27 and the expiration date was explained on it.
Hope you can stay with us in Arkesia for a long time hero.

Best wishes!

This isnt an acceptable response - the game clearly said when the item was consumed No Expiration on the character select screen. Saying read the patch notes can not be the fallback response for your errors. Quit chastising people about the information being posted. Their was information posted in the game that directly contradicted. Thats on you.

No, I will be quitting and encouraging every player I come across to quit as well. It is disgusting how the customer service team is attempting to gaslight players by saying it is the players fault for not reading a website.

Many players do not read patch notes or forum posts, they just play the game. The fact that you are doubling down on this position is just causing more players to be frustrated and quit the game.

The IN-GAME text is wrong - you should admit this and simply correct the problem rather than push players away with the stupid decision to not refund the power passes.

yeah highly doubt people are “quitting” everybody runs that speech for months and guess what happens ? not a dam person will follow thru with it.

It was common knowledge unless your a fairly recent player that the powerpass expiration date could change to say no limit due to a ingame bug that SG last i recall was made aware , so everybody was aware to check patch notes for the expiration date tied to that pass.

At the same time multiple topics were made with the question and were advised by CM and other people on forums AND discord AND ingame that it had a expiration date.

I am a new player. Made a forum account just after the power pass expired. Never checked the forums or patch notes before. I was a casual player - just booted up the game and played. And the power pass that worked the exact same way as my cosmetic change ticket expired for no reason, contradicting the IN-GAME description, so I made a forum account to find out that this is a problem that could have been prevented but AGS/SG simply did not? I lost two passes (the event pass and my first completion of punika pass) - that is what, $100 or however many hours to complete the story twice? ofc I am angry.

Yes, I have now quit and actively am trying to get everyone I know to quit as well. The power passes should be refunded.

sucks but best of luck to you , we probably get another pass on reaper and its going be the same thing with an expiration date they dont stay forever maybe SG fixes it by then idk

Ok, enjoy your quitting, now go cry to other part, I can’t believe that PowePass topic is still a thing