Punika Pass not available after completing quest line and activating the card

I had a big break (Over 190 days)
Last time i completed the full questline to receive Punika Powerpass, finished it, received the pass, activated it and nothing happen, my punika powerpass didn’t work, at this time there was some know bug that game devs were fixing for over a month, and i happen to get the powerpass during this specific time and i didn’t receive it at all. Wanted to check if i received it after all now after 190 days but i still don’t have it.

Hey there – free Punika Powerpasses are only available as a part of specific events for limited windows of time. If you received an event power pass that long ago, it would have expired. But as you mentioned you were having issues with it at the time, I’ll move your thread to the support section of the forums to see if you can get some additional assistance.

As i already mentioned, i received it and claimed it at the time i got it so right away, but there was a bug at the time where no powerpasses were available and still cant ise it to this day

i think you are talking about the first punika power pass we got with the arcana update in “mid” july and it didnt have a bug it was disabled because bots were abusing it. The power passes were reenabled again on august 15 and they expired september 28th if they werent used on a character.

So you have lost it and wont get a new one, good news tho next month we are getting a new power pass either punika or south vern version and there will also be a express event and also an ark pass.

Yeah Power passes are used on a character or you lose them, it’s gone. gotta wait for the next one.