Punika Pass on Different Server?

Hi, I play on NAEast region and I recently switched from Galatur to Azena. Is there a way for me to use the Punika powerpass that wr will be receiving on my character in Azena?

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Hey there @joshuatian Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

Events like Powerpasses and Super Express are a one per region thing, meaning that as long as with your Azena character you meet the requirements to claim the new free Punika Powerpass (Completing the Punika Main Story Quest and completing the questline in Punika that starts from “Where memories begin” and ends with “Berver’s Friend”), you will be able to obtain and use the Punika Powerpass on an Azena character, but will be unable to use it on any Galatur character afterwards.

Hope that answers your question!

I see. So I’ve got to get to punika on my own first in Azena. I was wondering if I could use my Galatur character’s progress (already finished punika) to claim the powerpass but then use it in Azena instead of Galatur as I’ve only completed up to Vern on Azena

Hi! I have a follow up question to this if you don’t mind :slight_smile:
So since it’s a once per region thing, will I be able to use the powerpass and super express on both EUC and NAE? I have a roster on both regions that are done with the punika quests :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the delayed response @joshuatian

From the information I was able to gather from previous free Powerpasses, you could obtain a Powerpass in one server and then apply it to a character in a second server from the same region, however for this to work you have to do so on a character that isn’t your main character in the second server, meaning it will be usable on an alt in your Azena roster but not your main.

Update: From recent reports from players it seems this may not work the same way with the current Punika Powerpass.

Hope this helps!

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As long as your 2 rosters are in different regions it is as if they were completely different accounts, so you can get 2 different Punika Powerpasses, 1 in each region!

See you in Arkesia!

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Would be cool if you guys were more clear about those kind of things because this information is no where to be found on the official announcements of the events.

Perfect. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much!

So I want to confirm things. I’ve completed the necessary quests for the powerpass on galatur (i refceived the pass in my mail, but didnt claim it). Do I need to claim it and then I can use it on Azena? or do I need to claim it on Azena before using it?

This does not work as described and I have a powerpass on the wrong server :frowning:

I logged into my Zosma main character and the powerpass arrived via express mail. I panic’d because my main server is Karta and that’s where I wanted things. But then I read this thread…

I activated the pass then switched over to Karta. Karta does not show that any of my characters level 10+ are eligible. My 853 and 802 characters should be eligible for sure.

I can see on Zosma that my 302 IS eligible.

I am pretty disappointed since the only way I could have gotten it on Karta is to login there first. (And my daily routine is to start with my side server first)

They sent only one powerpass to the wrong server, and not even one that I logged into first. I cannot use the powerpass on Avesta. This is stopping me from playing my Machinist. I don’t even care for powerpasses for each server, I just want it on my main server.

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same for me

Is there a way to revert my punika pass from galatur to azena server? My main server is Azena and galatur is my alt server. I already took it out of my mailbox in galatur and used it, but did not used it on a character yet.

If you implied first that it should work and then reverted through update, it doesn’t solves the problem. Hopefully there will be solution for that since many people got affected by this.

Bump. Same happened to me, logged in on the wrong server first, and powerpass got sent there instantly as I logged in.

Will there be anyway to move this ticket to a server that we choose?

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I hope they find a way to fix this because this was completely out of our hands.

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Completely agreed. Im awaiting on mods reply by the minute, im anxious of creating my GIGA Scouter “machinist” :confused:

There’s definitely no reason to restrict punika pass to specific server. The reason punika pass is sent to mail and not product inventory is that to not make hoarding possible. But the way system determines which character to send punika pass is based on very first character ever created on first server you login, which is bad.

You can’t get 2 or more powerpasses within single region and it’s fair to make pass region wide and not server wide to avoid such situations. Please take a look into that and help out struggling players @Fanduh

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But this is also not true, I received a Punika powerpass on a server I didn’t create my first character on, nor was it the server that reached Punika first either, and on top of that, was not even the first server I logged onto yesterday morning. It’s crazy how they refuse to help us.

It should at least consider main roster character and not some random character on specific server, it’s not our fault for sure and it’s possible to fix without breaking anything.