Punika Pass / Scouter

Hello does anyone know if the date of Punica pass for scouter is still enough? or does it run out, don’t know if I should wait or use it now that it not just runs out

I’m not sure if Scouter has a set day to release yet, but it was said to be in September also. But I also recall a post that the Punika pass was not meant to line up with the Scouter release. I could be wrong. If I am I hope someone corrects me.

It will expire. They may add something else for scouter

Powerpasses are a myth

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I was considering that too given what’s happened but didn’t want to say for sure.

I honestly hoping that with them disabling the powerpasses for so long that they’ll extend the expiration date just enough to slap it on a scouter. Only time and SG will tell lol. Other than that no they’ve said that not all classes will release alongside a hyperpass event or free power pass event. Not really that big of an issue if it doesn’t any ways cause that just means more engraving pouches I get to farm running my 7 alt thru the story (I need help) lol

Yeah, I highly doubt Scouter will see any part of the powerpass so I only considered it for like half a second. But I’m with you there. I’d be coming back to the game with basically a 1370 striker, a pistoleer deadeye I left in t2 (that poor poor soul), a T2 support pally that I never finished and finally the 340 Sorc Lopang nolifer. I’m coming back to a cardboard box and a stained dewy mattress.

ok thanks :smiley:

I would hope that pass time will be extended for how long people haven’t been able to use them, but who knows. If that does happen, maybe the stars will align and you can use it on scouter lol.

They have already stated that no new advanced classes would be coming out during the duration of both the Punka Pass and Hyper Express Pass. This was told in the notes.

Its also very doubtful there will be an extension on the passes into scouters release. You have 2+ months to use the passes and even with them being disabled for now, theres still a ton of time thus wont be extended. Only way they get extended is if the patch gets delayed which still wont let the scouter use them.

Hopefully there isn’t a new one.

The current free pass is not suposed to cover scouter… hopefuly the paid ones will work by then tho

Why? Just make the alt, powerpass it then select the subclass on release.

Without powerpass we wont see many scouts

Can you powerpass a character without ever logging in with it?

@Roxx could you maybe find out if this is possible?

Cause i just came back into the game (left in April) and wanted to play Arcana and use the Powerpass on her. But i also wanna make a Scouter. Getting to know if that works would give me and maybe some others a good alternative. As i can use a knowlegde transfer on my Arcana and push her the regular way and powerpass a Gunner (as soon as you fix it) and log in after the Scouter release to choose his advanced class.

Yes you can… Well actually no I guess not since it forces you to log in to said character after creation.

But just park it at Trixion before speaking to Beatrice and then pass it and it’ll be ready to go.