Punika Pass Wen?

So i’ve been waiting over a week now to use my punika pass but still can’t. Falling behind everyday that i can’t use it. I didn’t claim it immediately like everyone else as i was deciding on which class to use it on.

When can we expect this to be available for us players. Not sure how many others are in the same position but losing out on Argos and potentially valtan 2 weeks in a row kinda feels bad not to mention all the materials from chaos and raid.


Finish all punika purple quests and then Nia will give you a bonus quest that offers the pass.

Those have all been completed months ago. I have the pass and claimed it clicked it in my inventory and cannot use it on my character for over a week now.

This is everything we got told, no ETA

just “until this is resolved.”

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They need to either put a pause on all Punika pass characters or enable this. It isn’t fair for those who have not been able to claim it.

Yes indeed, people who hesitated a few days to use the punika pass before it got disabled are now missing out on weeks of getting the materials from event shop, or generally everything from doing daily/weekly stuff.

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lol as if others who did use the pass somehow affects your gameplay?

Yup it actually does.

It doesn’t. Trust me.

It literally does.

It literally does not.

My buddies got to use it and we can’t play together on our alts because i can’t use mine. They are 1415-1430 now on there new chars and i have nothing. It is affecting me.

LMAO so you’re asking AGS to put a pause on your “friends’” progress because of your selfish entitlement? What a great friend you are.

Get a grip.

Yeah i’m asking them to be fair to the entire playerbase.

You’re one of those crying entitled andies that wanted AGS to remove the Punika Growth Support pack when people bought it, huh?

What does a punika growth pack have to do with this. Thats like 2-3 hones vs a 2 week 1430 character.

Isn’t it all in the name of “fairness”? Or do you only hide behind that reasoning when it suits your argument?

2-3 hones doesn’t hurt me an entire character i can’t play with my buddies does.

At what point did he ask for his friends progress to be halted. He asked to be able to use the pass because his friends have. If he needs to get a grip you need some reading glasses.


I know reading comprehension can be difficult, but please try a little harder.