Punika pass.. what a mess

They’ve sent it to my alt account when I wanted it on my main… I logged in first on my main account for being sure to get the pass on it… and I’ve found nothing… so I went on my alt account and guess what I’ve found ? the punika pass when I have already 6 paladin 1400+ and 0 slot left… at least on my main I could delete one lopang for make a paladin… forcing me to buy a slot ? nah… better delete the game

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Passes are only usable at the character creation screen. Which character has the item itself doesn’t matter. It’s recommended that you use the item and then it will be available when creating a new character.

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Does it still show “expiration: no limit” on the character select screen next to the power pass?

if anything BOTH accounts should have a pass. Unless your talking from different servers (which isn’t different accounts) then the first character you logged into that meets the requirements would have the pass. (1 per account)

You mean alt roster.

It always get sent to first character you log onto, that has completed the Bervers friend quest. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened this time as well.

This was what I was thinking too when I read the OP’s dilemma.
Both accounts should have gotten one where both servers on the same account won’t.

I’m thinking the OP is confused that hes considering 2 rosters on teh SAME login account as 2 different accounts which they are NOT, they are 2 rosters and you can only get 1 pass per account as far as im aware and that pass is awarded to the first character that meets all of the requirements.

nope ! in another thread someone found his power pass on another character (not his main)… I should ask him if it wasn’t the first character he started with… my mistake was to not login on all my other characters just for find their pass… so I logged in on my other account in another server and they send it there…

I changed a few months ago my main character… their code is really a mess… what I call a “hidden misery” !

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