Punika Power Pass and nothing I want to bring to punika?

So my question will the Punika Power pass be like the Feiton one and will have like a 2-month usage time?

I am literally waiting for Artist, Summoner, and Reaper with no idea what the next class is going to be?

Same situation with Glaivier because we do not know what the next class after this is going to be we are gambling with the whole idea that one of the classes we want to be playing may come out.

I feel kinda forced to power pass Arcana just to have another T3 I am later going to abandon.

As a side note I chose to push Glaiver since no other class interested me.

Punika power pass expires on september 28

Well Artist, Summoner and Reaper most likely won’t appear for the next appearance seeing that Summoner is another Mage. They are releasing Arcana (Mage) today. If anything, Scouter might be the class that’s coming in September. So you won’t have to worry about not having a powerpass for Artist/Summoner and Reaper because the following release will have a powerpass dedicated for that release which might be much higher than a Punika Powerpass and a higher Hyper Express ceiling. Any Lost Ark players will know having an extra T3 alt (that you may abandon later on), is literally the norm. Doesn’t hurt to have more T3 alts tbh. A day you’re bored you can hop on and grab a chance of Boss Rush/Cube tickets in Chaos dungeons that help your silver/gem generation. You literally don’t lose anything.

Just dont use it if you dont want to play any current classes. You will get a new boosts with new classes and even if you dont, just spend some gold for knowladge transfer and hone the char yourself. It takes like a week to get to 1302 nowdays.