Punika Power pass new player ><

So I’m a new player, I just made a character a couple of days ago, but if there is one thing I hate about MMOs is to go through the storyline, so when I saw that Lost ark had boosts to level 50 instantly I bought 50€ worth of crystals to be able to buy the latest power pass “Punika Power Pass” the game let me purchase the crystals showing that the power pass was available, however when I clicked on the power pass it gave me an error,…
I looked it up and saw that a lot of people were experiencing this issue, as old players I saw there was some compensation, but is there for new players? the lack of communicating this in the game itself is a little disappointing, I wouldn’t have made the 50€ purchase if I knew I wasn’t able to buy the pass,…
Sorry for the inconvenience,…

Hello and welcome to the forums @RyuSoru,

Thank you for following up on this topic. Please note the roll out for the Punika Growth Pack was concluded on August 19th and was only available to players that qualified, explained under the thread attached below. All free power passes should now be available. If you are missing any of these and meet qualification criteria, please submit your data via the following link for review Contact Us | Amazon Games. (Do not post it in the forums).

You will be able to purchase paid Power Passes again starting on August 24th but may also submit your information via the link above in case you are not looking to wait on that and to check on any possible alternative.

I will close this thread to avoid multiple entries on the same matter.

Good luck and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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