Punika power pass we got

Why some people keep saying that Punika pass we got for free will expire?
My game notice says otherwise; Expiration date: none
Also the description on the power pass screen says players are given 2 free north vern passes and one punika pass after clearing it.
There is not a single mention of expiration IN GAME.

Maybe they changed it? Cause when i got it, it did say it was going to expire, but i already used it so yeah. I can’t compare if that happened or not.

It says Expiration Date: None for everyone. Even I got confused and asked does it really expire and Roxx said “Yes. It’s set to expire on 28th of September.”

If that is the case, the why did not they fix the tooltip in game since they re-enabled power passes?

I have respect for Roxx. But she is traffic sign while information in game is a traffic light.

You guys can still just create a gunner and give him the punkia power pass. By the class selection you just esc and wait for machinist release…

What if you use it on machinist and realize you do not like it? Gratz you wasted it.
What if I wanna keep it for future classes?

If I dont like him he will become a alt character and make some gold for me. :slight_smile:

This is the same thing that happened with the feiton pass.

It has already been said, it will EXPIRE on 9/28. This has been confirmed multiple times.

They changed how power passes work since feiton pass.

How so. This was the EXACT same thing that happened with the feiton pass that it gave a date on the ticket you got but when you used the ticket and then checked your powerpass menu, the powerpass menu had the feiton pass show No expiry date. However that was INCORRECT as all feiton passes DID expire on their date that they said it would.

The punika pass is working in the exact same way. The ticket you get says 9/28 expiry when when you use the ticket, it gives a No expiry date when in fact it WILL expire on 9/28 as confirmed multiple times.

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