Punika Power Pass when?


I was wondering is there any chance we get the Punika Power Pass in store in 30June patch?

It’s not coming in the next update, we’re pairing with a class release :slight_smile:


power pass and super express at the same time?

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Will it be one time pass like Feiton, or more like regular store product?

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I’ve seen that one before. Let’s hope people can hone past 15 on Legendaries this time.

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“A class” release? So is that with Arcana or another class release?

Probably store lol.

Just keep in mind:

  • KR has released 3 classes in T3.
  • KR has given out 7 free powerpasses in T3.
  • We have had 1 free powerpass with 2 class releases (no the level 50 powerpasses that are the same progress as a knowledge transfer and skips 0 honing doesn’t count, the 7 in KR were 960+).

we also got the 2 free vern passes

Like I said, those don’t really count for anything.

Might as well say we got 12 powerpasses then, because knowledge transfer does the same thing for 600g.

But knowledge transfer doesn’t skip any honing, so similarly no one counts vern passes as actual powerpasses.

they announced it will be arcana.

I believe you stated previously that not every class release will have a powerpass given alongside their release. So my question is how is it fair to future classes down the line that wont be given powerpasses or have express events released alongside them?

For example destroyer did not have a powerpass with their release but those who held on to their feiton pass were able to use it on destroyer, will we have the same opportunity to hold onto our punika passes for future classes if we dont want to use it for arcanist?

but we don’t know what or when next class is and if it’s in punika power pass timer

The feiton pass was never supposed to expire, it was a visual bug for w/e reason, i would assume the punika pass wont expire either so the next class after arcanist shouldn’t matter if its in the window or not.

You mean a free Power Pass, or the option to buy Power Passes in the Store?

Games been out for like 5 months while KR has had it for years. Games a Marathon, not a sprint. I want Scouter… If they wanna pair it with a legit power pass great I can wait a year if need be.

I’m not talking about how long the game has been out. I’m talking about in T3. Since the release of Punika. How long the game is out doesn’t matter, what matters is where the endgame is and what level of progression players should have for that content.

KR released Punika in 8/20. They got a powerpass in 12/20, 1/21, 3/12, 7/21, 8/21, 12/21 and 1/22.

Notably, that’s between Argos and Valtan, around Valtan, between Vykas and Clown, around Brelshaza, a bit after Brelshaza, and 2 between Brelshaza Hard and Elgacia.

I did not know that such a thing would be sold in a store in the future

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wer der frau noch was glaubt der glaubt sich selber nicht mehr alles was diese Roxx schreibt ist einfach Schwachsin nix davon stimmt und kommt später alles anderes !

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@Roxx Does this also mean we wont be getting the new express event until arcana comes out? I like to know whether I should go ahead and hone my new alt or wait a week for the event.