Punika powerpass berver

So after finishing punika, and berver quest, how do i get the powerpass, i understand by mail but i dont get any mail

there is currently no punika power pass active

Punika powerpass is event… those are requirement to get free punika powerpass during event,

Look im an old player, my friend is new,
Its written on the screen, and we all got a powerpass at end of vern and punika
Im talking about the first time ending punika powerpass not about the events or caracter release powerpasses
So new players get 2 vern powerpass after finishing vern and 1 punika powerpass after finishing berver quest.
And stop arguing about this is not true, its written on the screen i can see it now

Punika Powerpass is indeed a lie.

Just amazon games STILL did NOT fix the text message

im pretty sure thats only meant for event… we never get it except only during event. also i never heard new player will get first time for punika completion.

we have only gotten punika power pass with events.
That text window is wrong, we have never gotten a punika power pass for doing punika like we have with north vern.

Well when i got it i done punika and used 1 vern pass and requierment ware done, got the pass, from what i know thats a powerpass ending punika not events/character release

Thats how it worked and its a bad move for new players

i never heard or never got it…sorry for your trouble wish a good luck finding an asnwer.
just what i understand or experience as a player since last Feb Punika power pass only given during special event. and 1 time as compensation.

Its been like that since the event ended. They just dont care.
You are not the first one to make a post about this, maybe it won’t be ignored this time around

Well its weird nothing is written about the 2 vern powerpass but they are there but is written about punika and its not there.,…

Yes, as i am saying: they never changed the text.