Punika Powerpass bug

My Punika Powerpass is Missing. I’ve used the pass on my main (right clicking it) and when i go and create a new character it shows power pass available. However, after creating a character and click the powerpass option, it took me to the powerpass window but there was nothing in it. My guess is that the powerpass is gone because of the issues u guys were facing. so is there anyway i can get it back?


Hello @smalljae

I am sorry for the issue regarding the Punika Powerpass.

The issue has been addressed in the below mentioned post and the Powerpass has been disabled for the time being.

Any update regarding this issue will be shared in the Official News - Lost Ark Forums category.

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding.

Have a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:

I too


I am in this same scenario however I think there is a question that myself and most likely other people have around this which is below.

I “consumed” my powerpass tonight on my main character, made a new class, and attempted to use the powerpass and it is not available, right. We understand that they are temporarily disabled however once the powerpass functionality is enabled again, are we going to actually get the passes back since we “consumed” them while they were disabled? Does my question make sense? I am worried that since we all consumed the pass while they were disabled that we just lost them.

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Fine comment of yours, I’m in the same situation as you, and I can’t help but think the same…
Hopefully it will be restored :3