Punika powerpass can’t claim

Hello, I completed the Bervers friend quest line on main character, got the pass in the mail, claimed it.

When I try to use it at the character selection screen (says “powerpass available”) everything is grayed out. Can someone help me ?

All passes are disabled while they fix a potential exploit. When this is fixed your passes will be available.

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Oh I didn’t realize that even the free punika pass from in-game was disabled, I had assumed it was only the ones you buy from the store. Thank you very much for clarification !

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Can they not separate the FREE and PURCHASED passes though… I just got home from a week vacation and I cannot play my brand new Arcanist because I arrived home 4 hours too late… uggghhh

I would guess probably not because either

A. The passes are all the same once you get to the roster screen regardless of the source. That would require a functional rework of the entire system.
B. Because the exploit that they are trying to fix right now is something that could be taken advantage of by both paid and free passes.

Or some combination of the 2.

They could simply disable the SHOP Powerpasses for the time being… they have proven time and time again that they can remove and edit items in the Shop.

The FREE Earned powerpass is gated behind actually getting to 1302 content on a character… Understandably it isn’t going to stop bots for very long… but their inability to deal with bots shouldn’t drag down actual players. It was up for a week… the damage has been done, there are temporary fixes available that don’t negatively impact the general community

wish they would fix it soon i wanna work on my 5th character but cant cause the powerpass is gone after i add Crystals to my account :confused: