Punika Powerpass Compensation MIssing

Good Evening,

I am a player who finished the [Berver’s Friend] quest and earned a free Punika Powerpass. As soon as I earned the powerpass and claimed it from my mail, I attempted to powerpass one of my characters. The powerpass was menu showed 5 instances of “No Image” cards and I was directed to a post that mentioned that all powerpasses were disabled for the time being.

Today, I was informed that the players affected by the disabling of all Powerpasses would receive a Punika Growth Support pack in our Universal Storage. I do not have anything in my Universal Storage currently. What I do have right now is a fear of not receiving my compensation if I decided to use my free powerpass today. I’m afraid I will get a message saying that “since you succesfully consumed your powerpass, you do not qualify for compensation”, even though I was unable to use it for the duration of the disabling of powerpasses.

TLDR, I dont have the compensation and I’m afraid of losing it by using my reactivated punika powerpass.

Same here. I don’t see it and when I click on powerpass - there are no images.

I’m in the same situation, however, as soon as the pass was reinabled today, I used it. Now I fear that I just screwed my chances of getting the compensation.

Yeah this is a fear I had. But trying to be positive and hoping they just give everyone who obtained the free punika powerpass a compensation because I JUST USED MY POWERPASS… This issue for compensation probably occurred due to them trying to ONLY compensate people who couldnt use the free punika powerpass like myself. If they just gave it to EVERYONE who got a free punika powerpass, this mess wouldn’t be here imo.

They mentioned something about universal storage and I remember seeing that somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it anymore…

The Universal Storage only appears in the Guide Tab once an item is waiting for you in the storage itself. If you have 0 items in the Universal Storage, it will not appear.

Welp…guess we just have to hope it comes to us…